Credit limit up to $ 1,200 per minute

A credit limit is a type of credit that works similarly to bank credit cards. The credit company evaluates the customer’s repayment options and sets the maximum credit limit for the customer. This amount can be used and refunded in installments.

How to apply for Credit Limit?

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It is necessary to select the first loan amount to be deducted from the granted maximum Credit Limit amount. If the client applies for the first time, the maximum Credit limit is up to 800 EUR. It is necessary to fill in the application form with all required fields. All of this information is required for the credit company to assess the customer’s solvency and grant the

Credit Limit

Credit Limit


If a loan amount is selected that exceeds the maximum available Credit Limit available to the customer, the credit company will notify you personally. Remember that the maximum Credit Limit amount can be withdrawn once or several times. If the client has not withdrawn the maximum Credit Limit amount granted, it will be possible to borrow again using his client profile. All user data will be sent to the email address specified in the application. More information is available on the FerratumBank website.

It has been previously reported that Ferratum Group is an international microcredit company operating in Latvia offering borrowed money on the Internet. Fast loans up to 400 EUR, repayment term up to 45 days, Credit limit 1200 EUR, PlusLoan up to 1500 EUR with repayment term up to 12 months.

Naura Card service

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It is offered to Latvian residents by “Hedge Capital Company”, which first registered its activity in the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia only 2 years ago – in February 2016, under no. 40103968692. However, it is worth noting the fact that SIA started its operations with a large scale, paying and registering share capital of EUR 425000, which is almost half a million and one of the highest registered share capital. According to company data available from Lursoft, in its first year of operation SIA Hedge Capital Company ranked 65,465 in net turnover among other companies. The company in Latvia is represented by only one official.

Maintenance debts: is it possible to get a loan?

Debts are a serious problem for many Poles. This causes a lot of inconvenience: the need to repay the liability together with all costs accrued because of the delay, the bailiff’s property seizure of the debtor, attachment of remuneration and the inability to obtain a loan or even a loan from a non-bank company. The situation is no different in the case of maintenance debtors, of which there are almost 200,000 in Poland. It is harder for them to get out of debt, as the law treats them more severely. A loan without KRD to pay maintenance can help them. What conditions must be met to receive it?


The maintenance debtor will not avoid liability

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A new law has been in force in Poland since 2017, according to which the maintenance debtor may face serious consequences. If the maintenance debtor works (and, unfortunately, many of them try to avoid payments by choosing a “black job”), then the bailiff will certainly take his salary. If it is permanent employment, based on an employment contract, it cannot be fully occupied, because even in such a situation the debtor is protected by the Labor Code. After all, the attachment amount will be higher than for a debtor who, for example, did not repay the loan. The salary can be taken in the amount of 60% and it does not matter in what amount it is. Even if it is at the level of the minimum wage, the bailiff is still entitled to take this 60%. In a situation where the debtor earns e.g. $ 1,000 (i.e. below the national minimum), $ 600 will be deducted from him. The maintenance debtor must also reckon with the fact that the debt will arise as soon as he fails to pay three times the awarded maintenance.


Payday loans for the maintenance debtor?

Payday loans for the maintenance debtor?

The maintenance debtor has virtually no chance of getting a bank loan. He appears in the KRD, he is struggling with a bailiff’s seizure, and in addition he has a reduced credit rating due to this seizure. So he turns to non-bank loan companies, which often offer loans without BIK or loans without KRD, and even bailiff seizure. Can they really help him?

In the article “Loan for the indebted – what conditions must be met?” We discussed in more detail what conditions must be met to obtain a loan without KRD and where you can look for financing in this case. However, we must point out that people with non-maintenance debt were treated, and thus at least theoretically in a better position. We remind you that these conditions were:

  • stable employment;
  • high income;
  • pledge;
  • guarantee.

What does the debtor’s situation look like against them? Not good, but not hopeless. Let’s consider the above conditions in the context of maintenance debt. As with ordinary debt, a lot depends on how much the debt is. A small maintenance debt can be quickly and easily paid out of your salary, so it won’t be a problem to get rid of it quickly.

The maintenance debtor will be in a favorable situation if he earns a lot and even after the bailiff has taken up 60% of his salary, he will have the amount allowing him to incur liabilities in virtually every company offering loans without KRD. It is worse if he gets a few hundred zlotys after he is seized. He can then count on financing in this type of institutions, but they will certainly not be large amounts, and certainly not those that will allow him to repay his debt freely. He can then apply for a loan with a surety or a loan against collateral, which were discussed in the said article.


Payday loans without KRD – where can I get them?

Payday loans

If only the remaining part of the salary is not minimal, and the maintenance debtor has adequate creditworthiness, he can apply for a loan without KRD to one of the non-bank companies. Interestingly, most of the loan offers without verification in the debtors’ registers are typical payday loans. On the other hand, installment loans without KRD are less available, unless these are loans with a guarantor. Either way, the maintenance debtor can seek help at the following companies:

  • SilverOn,
  • Quickie Money,
  • Silarium,
  • Extra S-Wallet,
  • Bit Credit,
  • SoroCredit,
  • Livus,
  • Moloan,
  • Smartest Loan,
  • Kuku.


What should you watch out for loans without KRD?

What should you watch out for loans without KRD?

The mere availability of loans for indebted people is already a great convenience. However, not always the fact that they will be available must mean that they should be enlisted. Another commitment for a person in debt can only worsen problems that the maintenance debtor has a lot of. Other issues should also be considered.

First of all, loans without KRDs are usually a more expensive form of financing, as they must somehow offset the risk incurred by the loan company. Secondly, maintenance debts can be really high – it is estimated that on average there is over $ 30,000 for one maintenance debtor in Poland! So you need to realize that payday pay may not help or be a drop in the ocean of needs.

As you can see – loans for KRD are not for everyone like any other loan. But in many situations it can be a way out of a crisis situation and help in a difficult period. Therefore, every borrower should think about whether he should take a payday loan without KRD and whether he can really help him.

Fast loans with bad credit history

  • This is a short-term loan of the non-bank lending sector, which can be obtained via the Internet online, using a computer or telephone. Because of its technical solution, it is also called the Internet or online loan.
  • Its positive qualities – quickly give out (10 – 15 minutes), just to receive (without pledge, without guarantees, without documents), it is convenient to make an application (via the Internet).
  • Its average repayment period is 30 days, which can be extended for another 30 days.
  • Its volume is possible from 1 to 10,000 EUR, depending on the conditions of the lender.
  • The first loan in most cases, free or interest-free loan.
  • Most lenders, on issuing such a loan, offer the option to receive it by sending messages, i.e. make an application via SMS.
  • The borrower must be between the ages of 18 and 85, must be a resident or citizen of Latvia, he must have a stable income, a positive credit history.
  • Fast credit in most cases is issued to those persons who have a bad credit history or solvency, or both of these features are present.

Loans with bad credit history

Nowadays, the number of creditors and debtors is becoming more and more, and in the field of lending problems that are associated with a bad credit history are actualized. In fact, the debtors’ credit histories have been intensively damaged since 2008 and ending in 2012, the year when the so-called “fat years” were in Latvia. It was a time when the average earnings of the population were much higher than now, and when the lending industry flourished. Namely, during the “fat years”, in 2007, the sphere of non-bank lending arose and developed in Latvia. 
The coincidence of all these circumstances contributed to an intensive loan from bank and non-bank lenders, because most of the population of Latvia was creditworthy, and lenders used this demand by offering many and different credit services. Borrowers it seemed that their solvency will remain so for a long time, because they, without thinking much, used the services provided by the lenders. But after not a long period of time, a crisis occurred in the economy of Latvia – the wages of the population decreased a lot and at the same time the borrowers creditworthiness. With such remuneration, it was not possible to pay monthly loan contributions, and therefore debtors’ credit histories were spoiled in time for unpaid payments or not paying them at all.

What is a credit history?

  • It includes all actions related to taking and returning a loan.
  • It displays not only settled, but also current credit obligations.
  • It shows not only each payment and its deadlines, but also whether you repay the loan or not, and even if you did it on time or not.
  • The dates of any debtor’s credit history are available in the credit register of the Latvian Bank, in the CreditReform debt collection database, in the databases of enterprises of the non-bank credit sector, that is, the lenders databases, as well as in the internal database of any enterprise.
  • In fact, this is a very significant factor, which is assessed by a potential client before the loan is delivered.

What is a bad credit history?

  • Credit history is spoiled by two circumstances – regular delay in repayment of the loan, or non-payment of a loan at all.
  • Lenders avoid building credit relations with people who have a bad credit history, because they are concerned that they will also treat their credit obligations irresponsibly and frivolously as the previous ones, thus crushing the company’s financial condition and negatively affecting its work. Persons with bad credit history are considered unreliable, therefore, creditors are skeptical and cautious about working with them.
  • A corrupt credit history prohibits, or at least reduces, the possibility of obtaining a second loan in the future.
  • The worse the credit history, the less chance of getting a loan from anyone, especially the banking sector lending.
  • Although, over time, the debtor settles his previously unsolved credit obligations, the credit history does not improve, because, instead of a payment not paid, the fact of his delay is preserved. In fact, the credit history, just like any file from the past cannot be changed or corrected, it only remains to ensure that the future credit history is positive, if only the debtors will be given loans in the future.
  • Experience shows that if a credit history is corrupted many years ago, the chances of getting a loan are more, because lenders check a potential client’s credit history only for the previous year, and lenders want to believe that a person can change over time, become more conscious and responsible. Therefore, it cannot be stated unequivocally that in the case of a damaged credit history, the loan is categorically denied.
  • The smallest chances to get a loan from a person in that case, when referring to the creditor, she has not completed previous loan commitments that confirm that the person cannot repay the loan.
  • Experience shows that non-bank lenders treat lenient credit history more condescendingly than bank lenders, because they give out loans in relatively smaller amounts and in repayment terms – in short, which significantly reduces the financial risks of the company.

Quick loans with bad credit history

  • Evaluating credit history is a mandatory, integral process that is used in the banking and non-banking lending sectors in order to avoid unprofitable and loyal customers who, if they do not return the loan, can cause material damage to the company. It should be noted that financial losses occur not only on time not paying the payment, but also when it is delayed. But, as mentioned many times, creditors of the non-banking sector, credit history is not assessed as seriously as it is in the field of bank lending.
  • In this area, especially fast loans, credit history is viewed in general, because non-bank lenders, issuing a loan, do not risk such large amounts and long repayment periods. In short, non-bank lenders can afford to take the risk and issue a loan to unreliable persons, i.e., those who have a bad credit history and poor solvency. Bearing in mind that fast loans are currently the most popular types of non-bank lending, quick loan lenders can risk even more.
  • But, most of the debtors who have a bad credit history, it arose due to, exactly, fast loans and their availability. The availability of fast loans, as is well known, contributes not only to technological solutions for their acquisition, but also to the democratic conditions of creditors. But, as you know, demand creates supply, so as long as people borrow, lenders will offer all new types of how to borrow.
  • As mentioned above, a quick loan is an alternative loan to persons who have a bad credit history or solvency, or both problems at once.

If you have a bad credit history, but you need financial resources, analyze the offers of non-bank lenders to solve your situation, as well as your personal ability to repay the loan in a long time, make a decision responsibly – you may not have the opportunity to use the lenders offer and get Finance in another, alternative way?

Do I need to give loans with a bad credit history?

It seems so easy to spoil a credit history, but then to restore trust is much harder and it does not happen in one day. But not rarely, I ask those who have corrupted credit history whether they need to issue loans even when credit history is corrupted, and the answer is always “Of course”, and if you ask this question to a person whose credit history is okay , his answer will be negative. The correct answer, it seems to me, is somewhere in the middle, because it is hard to give an unequivocal answer until you have analyzed different scenarios and have not penetrated into specific situations of a person. 
There are many different cases where a person, after receiving a loan, may have lost his job and is unable to pay the loan payment on time, or he had to pay some guarantee amount of the loan that he could not pay, but now everything is settled, it has become financially stable, but it has become impossible to get a loan. Of course, if you borrow money and do not give it in good faith, then you no longer need to borrow, and if you have an error where you are innocent and even after long years you are not given a loan, then it seems somehow wrong.

Bad credit history, is it an obstacle or an opportunity to change your life?

This situation, when you were entered into the list of debtors, and you cannot borrow, can be viewed from two sides – where, on the one hand, this can be a very big obstacle, because you cannot get the loan that you really need, but on the other hand, you start thinking how to get money, otherwise, without a loan. We are all accustomed to taking large or small loans, as soon as unforeseen expenses appear or you need to make a purchase for more, we immediately reach for a loan, but people who are on this list do not even discuss this opportunity and try to either save or save this purchase. And maybe this is better, because we do not always borrow money for deliberate purchases. And what to do then, if you need to take a serious loan to buy an apartment or a house, or a car, Do you give out such a loan? Looking at this market situation, it is much more profitable to buy an apartment on credit and pay monthly loan payments, rather than rent, because rentals are sometimes higher. It is necessary to discard the idea of ​​raising money for such a large purchase, because it is practically impossible, at least not when you need to rent an apartment at the same time.

How to get a loan if you have a bad credit history?

Well, if you need a loan, and you’ve ruined your credit history in the past, here are some tips that can come in handy when you try to get a quick loan. Be polite and not very persistent, otherwise the representative of the credit institution will quickly refuse you and will not even give the opportunity to explain his situation. Courtesy can always help, and even when you are refused, be kind, and say thank you for listening, because maybe when some time later you call and the same person picks up the phone, he will have a completely different opinion about you . Offer favorable conditions – if you have a property, offer it as a pledge or otherwise guarantee the lender that you will pay him the money. Temporarily think about what you can give the lender to listen to you. Present all the information about yourself – you will definitely need to prove your current income, disclose old loan commitments and explain how you spoiled your credit history. Here you need to be lenient, and you need to give the lender all sorts of data and honestly admit how you got into the list of debtors, only with honesty and condescension will you be able to get this loan. 
The main thing is to be patient, helpful and explain everything that the lender wants to know from you, because such loans are rarely issued and therefore you should be different than most people. and you need to give the lender all sorts of data and honestly admit how you got into the list of debtors, only with honesty and condescension will you be able to get this loan. The main thing is to be patient, helpful and explain everything that the lender wants to know from you, because such loans are rarely issued and therefore you should be different than most people. and you need to give the lender all sorts of data and honestly admit how you got into the list of debtors, only with honesty and condescension will you be able to get this loan. The main thing is to be patient, helpful and explain everything that the lender wants to know from you, because such loans are rarely issued and therefore you should be different than most people.

Do I need to take a loan if you have a bad credit history?

Now that we have figured out everything about whether loans are issued with a bad credit history, it remains only to consider the question whether it is necessary to take such a loan at all. If you have a damaged credit history, it means that you were in the past, or you were late with credit payments, or did not repay the money you borrowed at all. Basically, these credit histories and show whether the lender can trust you or not. So, as non-bank lenders have more profit, they take more risk and hope that the clients who have spoiled their credit history have changed, and therefore often give them a loan. 
Therefore, you need to take more responsibility on yourself as a client, and you yourself need to know whether you have changed, and whether you can repay the debt on time so that it does not work out so that you do not do it again and you have penalty interest accumulated and then the case can still go to court. So, if you yourself are sure that you can repay this loan, then a loan with a bad history can help you well – to return the creditor’s credibility, to get money in those moments when you really need it. 
Several times so borrowing and returning in time you will gain confidence and you can get loans more seriously and slowly you can start borrowing in banks. But if you are not sure that you can repay the loan, then I do not advise you to make an application for a loan, because this will damage your credibility and your financial situation even more. get money in those moments when they are really needed. Several times so borrowing and returning in time you will gain confidence and you can get loans more seriously and slowly you can start borrowing in banks. But if you are not sure that you can repay the loan, then I do not advise you to make an application for a loan, because this will damage your credibility and your financial situation. get money in those moments when they are really needed. Several times so borrowing and returning in time you will gain confidence and you can get loans more seriously and slowly you can start borrowing in banks. But if you are not sure that you can repay the loan, then I do not advise you to make an application for a loan, because this will damage your credibility and your financial situation.

Worried about bad credit?-Payday loan online direct lender will help you

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When you need to find a loan, there are several things to consider before deciding to borrow the money.
It is important that you have found out exactly how much money you need to borrow, so you do not borrow too little or too much, so find out what your need is and then borrow no more money than that.

The next thing to find out is how much money you have to pay off on the loan subsequently. You have to look at your daily finances and decide how much money you can bear, spend on the loan with, and how long you can do it.

Before applying

Before you apply for a cheap loan, you need to familiarize yourself with how a loan is collapsed, what does loan redemption, interest, APR, RKI mean, etc. All these things are important to you when applying for the loan and Also important when choosing the right loan to suit your particular needs.

To find the right loan for yourself, then you are wise to apply among several loan companies and hope that you will be approved to borrow money from several loan providers at once. If you are approved for multiple loans, you have the option of choosing the cheapest and best loan, and so be lucky to save a lot of money.

It is pretty easy to apply for loans, it can be done online through your computer, the only problem is that it takes a relatively long time to fill out the loan applications, so there are also many who choose not to apply in multiple places at once, and Therefore, they miss the opportunity to choose between several loans, and thus they write off the opportunity to save a lot of money by choosing the cheapest loan they can get.

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