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Workers’ compensation insurer AF Group halved its budget for site safety visits in a year after introducing technology in 2021 that allowed site risk professionals to remotely assess ergonomics workers to prevent injuries.

Once the data is available, the insurer also expects to see a reduction in musculoskeletal injuries related to the implementation.

AF Group has worked with technology company TuMeke Inc. to create ErgoView, a program that allows on-site safety professionals to shoot videos of workers in action – in industries such as manufacturing and construction – to spot movement troublesome and apply artificial intelligence to suggest changes. Experts have long considered musculoskeletal injuries to be among the most common — and often the most costly — in the areas of worker compensation.

“ErgoView has really helped limit those types of injuries, such as sprains and strains, that take people away from their jobs,” said Sam Hosey, innovation manager in Lansing, Mich., for AF Group.

“ErgoView is a tool that helps identify unsafe work habits and practices, including lifting, squatting and twisting. It really helps limit and mitigate some of those injuries,” he said.

Mr Hosey said the pandemic had helped spur development of the tool.

“Our employees weren’t able to get onsite to do these ergonomic assessments because they normally drive in, drive into town, and go to these facilities to review work habits and make sure everything is safe. “, did he declare. “During the pandemic, no one was moving. To have a remote tool like this was really exactly what we needed.

ErgoView reduced the AF Group’s travel budget for safety site visits from $1.7 million in 2019 to $843,000 in 2021, while adding six additional site visits per month since spring 2021, a- he declared.

Having set itself the goal of improving ergonomic practices in manual jobs, AF Group also saw potential in administrative and office environments, Hosey said. The company is working with San Mateo, Calif.-based TuMeke to improve ergonomic safety for people who sit and type for a living and who are at risk of injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

The company is now “digging into those fine motor skills, where initially we were looking at those wider joints, lower back, knees, arms and shoulders; now we’re getting into the weeds a lot more around hand positioning and movement.

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