5 administrative tasks you need to get off your plate

As an executive of a company, you know that many administrative responsibilities must be covered. But you shouldn’t cover them all yourself when you have a lot of other things to do. When you outsource these administrative tasks and responsibilities to others, you have more free time. This frees you up to work on work tasks that require your full attention and helps you focus on areas where others might not be able to pick up the slack.

Since there are many times when your specific skills and know-how might be in demand, you don’t want to be overstretched. It’s easier and better for everyone involved when you’re more readily available. Not only does this help your customers, but it can also make it easier to recruit more quality customers, suppliers, and employees. Administrative tasks can be passed on to others, so everything is always done as needed. Here are 5 typical administrative tasks that you can outsource with great success.

1. Research new software for change

Even the best software and apps won’t last forever. They eventually need to change to something else, or at least be upgraded properly. If you run a large company or a smaller but technology-intensive business, it can be difficult to keep up with the software and applications that are popular today. But that doesn’t mean you can just let things go. After all, your competitors are checking out the same software and app updates as you are.

Rather than spending a lot of time sorting through options, you can outsource this particular administration task to someone else. Offloading the task is a good way to free up more time for other activities. Just be sure to clarify what you’re looking for in a new software option, or what details you want to research, to get the job done faster.

2. Company/Employee Payroll Management

Payroll is one of the biggest responsibilities of business owners and can also be one of the most time-consuming. Naturally, it is essential that all your employees and subcontractors are paid correctly; Still, it’s just as important to make sure taxes and withholdings are calculated correctly, so Uncle Sam gets his due – and doesn’t surprise you with a tax notice. If you manage the payroll yourself, it can be too easy to miscalculate. Or delay payroll processing on time. Fortunately, using a small business payroll software, such as onpay.com, can reduce these common, unintended incidents (and save you a lot of time). Backed by automated tax calculations and filings, good software will help you feel confident and sleep well. Because you will know that employees receive their salaries on time and without problems.

Many payroll software platforms can also save time by simplifying mundane HR and back office tasks. For example, some allow new employees to self-onboard or electronically sign documents. This way you don’t have to deal with piles of paperwork. The best providers integrate with accounting and time-tracking tools, manage employee pension contributions, and can help you with a long list of other administrative tasks, even when you’re on the go.

3. Creating slides and notes for presentations

If you have presentations to make, preparing them shouldn’t take a lot of time. You can outsource the creation of slides and notes to a trusted support person. As long as you’re clear on what you’re looking for and are available to answer your questions, letting someone else create your notes and slides can go a long way in offloading administrative tasks.

It’s a good idea to get the job back a little earlier than you actually need it, though. This is to ensure that you do not want any changes. The first time or two may take a bit more of your input. But if you frequently present to others and use the same person to help you, they quickly learn what you expect and need them. Then the creation of presentation materials will go more smoothly.

4. Management of customer and contact lists

Customers and other contacts are vitally important to the continued growth and development of your business. You need to be able to easily reach current customers. But you also want quick access to other contacts, such as leads, suppliers, and additional business associates. Just because you need access to these lists doesn’t mean you have to spend your time managing and updating them.

Instead, you can assign these tasks to your administrative support staff. Then it all wraps up, but they care about the details, not you. This means you can focus on other things that might need your attention. And your contact lists will always be up to date. Being certain that you are leaving the lists in good hands also helps increase your peace of mind.

5. Customer Billing and Payment Processing

Ensuring customers are billed for your services and processing the payments they make to your business are both important to your bottom line. Just as you use online payroll services to pay employees, you can also use billing and payment processing services for customers. You will be able to see what is charged. Plus, how much money is coming in, as well as any unpaid or overdue customer invoices. Then you can contact these customers personally, if necessary.

Overall, though, it shouldn’t really be your job to send invoices to customers. When you can have someone else take care of that aspect of the customer relationship, you can focus on bringing in more customers. You will also want to continue to get along well with the clients you already have. So, reaching out and interacting with them is an important part of your leadership duties.

Whether it’s using online payroll services or having someone create your slide presentations, outsource many administrative tasks is the way to go. As a busy executive, you need to make sure you finish important things. Time won’t wait for you, and neither will customers. By making sure you’re readily available for the big stuff, you can leave the little things like administrative tasks to outsourced professionals. Then you can take more things off your to-do list. Plus, increase your peace of mind and move your business forward.

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