5 best bookkeepers in Oklahoma City, OK

Below is a list of top Oklahoma City bookkeepers. To help you find the best bookkeepers located near you in Oklahoma City, we’ve put together our own list based on this list of rating points.

Top Accountants in Oklahoma City:

The top rated bookkeepers in Oklahoma City, OK are:

  • Kris Keizer, CPA, CP – is keen to collaborate with business owners
  • Wilks & Co., CPA, SARL – provides a wide range of accounting services
  • Steinbach & Associates, SARL – is a full-service accounting firm
  • Black Cube Tax & Accounting PLLC – is a CPA firm managed by veterans
  • Zen Accounting – is dedicated to providing quality individualized service

Kris Keizer, CPA, CPBookkeepers in Oklahoma City

Kris Keizer, CPA, CP looks forward to working with business owners to provide them with the most appropriate financial information for their business in a way that will increase profits and minimize taxes payable. The easiest way to describe your mission as Kris’ partner with your business is to fulfill the role of CFO of your business. Kris will manage and participate in all financial and accounting activities as much as you want.

Its main goal for your business is to provide clean, comprehensive bookkeeping and bookkeeping that creates clear visibility into how your business is doing, which will help you get through the toughest times and maximize the times of growth.


Bookkeeping & Accounting, Payroll Services


Address: 6101 Melrose Ln # 106, Oklahoma City, OK 73127
Call: (405) 355-2723
Website: www.kriskcpa.com


“Fantastic CPA ready to help small businesses with all of their accounting needs. Feels like a partner in your business. – Doug E.

Wilks & Co., CPA, SARLThe Best Bookkeepers in Oklahoma City

Wilks & Co., CPA, SARL offers a wide range of accounting services. They know how complicated accounting and tax issues can be. Let them handle them for you. Its highly skilled team will take the accounting and tax issues and hassles out of your daily schedule. They simplify the process into a simple system. With so many daily tasks to do to keep your business going, juggling your finances, planning your future business demands, and meeting your monthly goals can be overwhelming.

It is important for business owners to think deliberately and focus on the big picture. Leave the bookkeeping and accounting to the professionals so you can focus on growing your business and increasing your bottom line.


Accounting & Bookkeeping, Tax Services, Payroll Services, Estate Planning & Retirement


Address: 3909 SE 29th St # 160, Oklahoma City, OK 73115
Call: (405) 670-3150
Website: www.wilkscpa.com


“Andy has been preparing my taxes for several years. He is an excellent CPA and has friendly and knowledgeable staff. I highly recommend Wilks CPA to everyone. – Bassm A.

Steinbach & Associates, SARLOklahoma City Bookkeepers

Steinbach & Associates, SARL is a licensed full-service accounting firm in Oklahoma. They offer a wide range of services for executives, business owners and independent professionals. Steinbach & Associates, PLLC are inexpensive, experienced and friendly. Protecting your personal belongings has never been more important. Their accounting departments protect you and your family and maximize all of your hard-earned dollars. If you own a small business and haven’t kept your books, take it easy. Steinbach & Associates, PLLC can help.


For individuals, For businesses, Tax services, Quickbooks services


Address: 13721 Fairhill Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73013
Call: (661) 557-1630
Website: www.steinbachcpa.com


“They are very professional and have also been flexible with my schedule and where I meet. I am a new owner of investment property and they were able to supplement my feedback and make it easy for me to understand. I have already referred people to use their services. I highly recommend them to everyone! ” – Christy W.

Black Cube Tax & Accounting PLLCGood Accountants in Oklahoma City

Black Cube Tax & Accounting PLLC is a veteran-led CPA firm that offers a wide range of accounting services. Services include monthly bookkeeping, professional income tax preparation, payroll, business and financial advice, and business management services. They now provide services to many industries in the state of Oklahoma. They specialize in personal experiences, whether you are an individual looking for a qualified tax preparer or a business owner looking for a comprehensive financial and advisory solution.

With years of experience and a diverse skill set, Black Cube Tax & Accounting PLLC has handled the accounting demands of a range of clients. With their CPA-certified skills, they’ll keep all of your finances running smoothly so you stay out of trouble.


Tax preparation, Payroll, Bookkeeping, Business consulting


Address: 7301 Broadway Ext Suite 220, Oklahoma City, OK 73116
Call: (405) 315-6611
Website: www.blackcubecpa.com


“Brad helped my wife and I through a very stressful time in a professional and quick manner. He worked holidays and weekends to help us and I cannot recommend his services highly enough. If you need any assistance. Professional, courteous and knowledgeable tax professional, call Black Cube. – Hart G.

Zen AccountingOne of Oklahoma City's top bookkeepers

Zen Accounting is dedicated to providing quality personalized service. They focus on the business as a whole while looking at it in small financial chunks. They pride themselves on being as enthusiastic about your business as you are. Take back control of your time and business by allowing them to focus on the numbers so you don’t have to. Every business is exceptional and that is why they work with their clients to tailor a package to their specific demands and desires.

Free up your time to focus on income generating activities. With their mobile and cloud-based technology suite, you will have absolute control of your business finances.


Bookkeeping and accounting, Quickbooks and other services


Call: (405) 885-4941
Website: www.zenbookkeeping.net


“Stéphanie is incredible! She helped me file my business taxes and saved me a huge headache. She is professional and responsive and will be happy to answer your questions. I would recommend her to anyone! “-Ashley

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