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MIAMI, Florida., May 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — LiveHire Ltd. (ASX: LVH), a leading global direct sourcing platform, today announced a new partnership with myBasePay, a leading Employer of Record (EOR) and Agent of Record (AOR) platform for recruiting, staffing and human resource professionals. This partnership aims to improve the overall candidate experience and the quality of hires by combining LiveHire’s cutting-edge AI-powered direct sourcing technology with myBasePay’s best-in-class employer referral services.

With more than 11 million open jobs in the United States where candidates have the upper hand, growing talent shortages and higher turnover rates, there is more pressure than ever to fill positions quickly while providing a positive candidate experience.

LiveHire’s partnership with myBasePay will provide a direct sourcing platform to generate private and branded talent clouds that attract and engage permanent and contingent workers through LiveHire. MyBasePay will then manage the rest of the lifecycle as an employer of record.

“The LiveHire and myBasePay partnership is a great opportunity to transform the candidate experience.” said Christy ForestCEO of LiveHire, “The myBasePay platform supports professional talent through payroll, compliance and more, and combined with LiveHire technology, will ultimately deliver a world-class candidate lifecycle experience. “

Through this partnership, LiveHire and myBasePay offer:

  • Optimized contingent talent curation through the LiveHire platform
  • Timely processing of payroll, insurance and benefits administration
  • Talent pool technology and fully integrated talent retention services
  • Seamless candidate submission and onboarding
  • Compliance of worker classification with worker compensation
  • Improved candidate experience and quality of hire

myBasePay CEO Cesar Jimenez said, “The partnership between myBasePay and LiveHire is a representation of two companies aligned on the future trajectory of workforce management. It is critical for us to partner with organizations whose value proposition enhances the overall candidate experience. With myBasePay being at the forefront of Employer of record, we are thrilled to partner with LiveHire, who pioneered the direct sourcing movement.Together, our companies can create a candidate lifecycle solution. complementary for companies all over the world”

“Today, more than 40% of the U.S. workforce is made up of contingent workers, but more and more organizations are turning to freelancers and Gig workers to fill FTE positions to meet growing demand. needs of the business with an expected growth of more than 50% over the next two years.” said Dave Gosh, senior vice president, global alliances and channel sales of LiveHire. “This makes hiring speed essential. LiveHire’s partnership with myBasePay creates a seamless candidate lifecycle solution that meets the needs of the growing contingent workforce.”

About Live Hire

LiveHire is a globally leading direct sourcing platform that attracts permanent and casual talent through branded talent clouds. LiveHire delivers on-demand talent through its unique talent pooling and two-way text messaging functionality, having successfully enabled end-to-end recruiting, from sourcing to hiring labor under -contractor in 20 of the largest industries. LiveHire supports partners and customers around the clock from strategically located offices in the UNITED STATES and Australia. For more information visit

About myBasePay

myBasePay is an Employer of Record (EOR) and Agent of Record (AOR) platform that enables businesses to scale and grow by acting as a trusted strategic partner providing them with the agility and flexibility needed to compete in today’s disruptive era. . Our products eliminate the administrative headaches associated with many time-consuming HR functions, including payroll, compliance, and more. myBasePay provides the time-sensitive service technology an outsourced workforce needs with the benefits that contingent workers deserve. myBase Pay manages the most critical part of the contractor lifecycle and supports professional talent through customer-focused service practices, all powered by world-class technology. myBasePay provides EOR and AOR payroll capabilities in all 50 states.

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