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An exhilarating encounter

By the soft light of electric candles, he saw the dish filled with gingerbread cookies on a small table across the room. Traditional holiday treats were whipped up earlier today by a horny mother and daughter in a cozy kitchen as festive snowflakes fell outside. Suddenly, his steps in the half-light, as silent as he tried to be when placing presents under the tree, woke the sleeping little girl in the shade of the banister lined with garlands and knots. Patiently awaiting his arrival, she had dozed off on her perch on the stairs. Startled by her agitation, he turned to catch her glancing around the post. A beaming smile greeted his presence as his eyes widened in amazement. In a wave of emotion, he reflected on the preparatory work for the year, guided, once again, by this trusted resource – the MEMIC Safety Net.

Earlier this year, after reading John’s blog on improving traction “It’s sanding season”, he asked his property maintenance technicians to come to the sand pit regularly. local. Keeping up with the sometimes absolutely appalling arctic conditions was a daily mission to mitigate slips and falls. As a further step in preventing falls, he passed Alexis’ post on increasing technical and administrative controls to reduce risk exposure to his “pruning” managers in the decoration department to inform them of the NIOSH ladders safety application. He knew that a bad fall from the ladder could end it all and he wasn’t going to let it happen under his watch.

At the toy-making store, he reminded the elf chef and woodworker to keep a close eye on the sprinkler heads after reading Jason Sprinkler Heads – In Sight’s blog, But Out of Mind. With inventory building up, maintaining proper headspace was paramount, especially as the weather approached take-off. To see the centuries-old structure burst into flames would be a real shame. He thought of all the precious toys that would perish, including a wooden rocking horse for a loved one who loved to bake cookies with his mother.

After collecting a healthy dose of vaccine information from Debra’s COVID-19 Vaccines blog as well as Susan’s COVID-19 compositions: Addressing Vaccination Hesitancy and Employers are a Trusted Source for Vaccination Guidance, it was turned on home with a draftsman at the Polar Pub which has become a temporary vaxotherapy clinic. Cheers! Indeed, those posts got right to the point about the seriousness of rolling up a sleeve for a jab. He sincerely hoped that every country in the world would become a nation of vaccination so that the suffering could end.

Disturbingly, he was fit to be linked after learning of the dishonesty of some people selling counterfeit N95 masks from Esther’s alert in Counterfeit N95 Masks – How do you know? His anger was dampened by the image and information his blog contained about identifying the real McCoy from the cheap knockoff. Fortunately, after an exhaustive search, no counterfeit masks were found in the infirmary or elsewhere. Nonetheless, he had two words for those who made and sold counterfeit PPE – bah bullshit! A lump of coal was on his list for them this year.

Naveen’s account of workplace injury stigma, written with a personal touch, compelled him to urge everyone around him to report soft tissue injuries in a timely manner rather than ignoring them. Going one step further, he used Randy Klatt’s review of MEMIC’s 24/7 Injury Triage and Telehealth Service to establish a similar system for quick and convenient injury care in the Claus community. . Another communication from Klatt, Catch Someone Doing Something Right, got him to better recognize and reward safe behaviors when one of his pals took positive steps to promote safety. He realized how much a proverbial pat on the back can lift morale and motivate concern for safety. It was two thumbs up to his choir of singers for wearing ice crampons while walking through a winter wonderland.

He “cut” the quote “safety never takes a vacation” from Karl’s post The Science of Safety in the 21st Century and would often repeat it out loud as he walked around. The blog announced the establishment of the MEMIC Safety Research Center for the advancement of safety science and technology which it saw as poetry in motion. Tony Jones’ informative post Why Employees Resist Change prompted him all the more to face resistance with patience and perseverance while promoting the value of change. Luckily his team were pretty cool, which had a lot to do with their northern latitude and cheerful demeanor. He undoubtedly understood that transparency was the key to convincing his crew that science and innovation were essential for improving health and safety.

The Rob’s Powered Industrial Trucks and PIT certification position was passed to the Distribution Center Senior Foreman to ensure that all forklift operators had a good understanding of the equipment stability triangle and were certified for operation. safe through a skills assessment. This was another type of triangle in the Atlantic Ocean that preoccupied him as he soared south by sledge towards tropical waters. Barrett Cargo Securement’s blog – Gravity Doesn’t Cut It prompted him to tie the bindings even tighter as he approached the area, as an outdated package would likely be lost forever.

From that reflection, her rosy cheeks lifted with a proud smile, realizing that it was the dedication and hard work of all of her assistants that made this exhilarating encounter happen. The joy he felt at that point would last all night. With a few cookies in hand, he said goodbye and was gone in the twinkling of a delighted child.

For the year that it has been, perhaps better than the last, MEMIC Loss Control wishes everyone a safe and memorable holiday season.

By Greg LaRochelle

Courtesy of MEMIC


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