Yvonne Lozier

Amazon blocks Google’s FLoC – and it could seriously weaken nascent tracking system

Amazon blocks Google’s controversial cookie-less tracking and targeting method. Most Amazon properties, including Amazon.com, WholeFoods.com, and Zappos.com, prevent Google’s tracking system FLoC – or Federated Learning of Cohorts – from collecting valuable data reflecting products searched across the vast universe of Amazon e-commerce, according to the website code. analyzed by …

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It’s not that the wind is blowing

In Long v. City of Melbourne, OJCC No. 19-016164, the judge discusses Valcourt-Williams and an idiopathic condition. The worker suffered a collapsed arch and the risk was that “walking, jogging or climbing stairs” could result in such injuries. The judge suggests that one of these risks could be an occupational …

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Payroll Outsourcing Market Growth and Technological Advances 2020-2026 | IBM Corporation, Mckesson Corporation, Xerox Corporation

The report provides a detailed assessment of the ‘Global Payroll outsourcing Market’. This includes enabling technologies, key trends, market drivers, challenges, standardization, regulatory landscape, deployment models, operator case studies, opportunities, future roadmaps, value chains. , profiles of ecosystem actors and strategies included. The report also features SWOT analysis and forecast …

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