Beep and Moovit offer ride-sharing functionality for self-driving shuttles

Beep, a developer of autonomous mobility solutions, and Moovit, an Intel company and mobility-as-a-service provider, are teaming up to offer riders the ability to hail an autonomous shuttle within Beep’s autonomous mobility networks.

The collaboration will provide customers with an “even more predictable, safer and sustainable form of alternative mobility” with Moovit On-Demand capabilities.

The Moovit app will be available to riders in Lake Nona, a 17 square kilometer planned community and advanced neighborhood in the city of Orlando, providing a more efficient mobility journey, including shorter wait times and better understanding of their AV journey and beyond.

Since September 2019, Beep has safely transported more than 50,000 passengers across Lake Nona, the largest and oldest single-point self-driving shuttle network in the United States, connecting residential, commercial, retail and retail, recreational and medical.

Uli Gal-Oz, Moovit’s Vice President of Business Development, said, “Lake Nona is a great example of a smart, connected community delivering innovative mobility initiatives with the right partners.

“The combination of Moovit’s customer interface and on-demand solution, combined with Beep’s AV fleet, is powerful. It has the potential to expand even further into Lake Nona and other cities across the United States to address first and last mile issues.

Beep will implement Moovit’s ridesharing capabilities in other project areas across the country, including Tradition, a community planned by Mattamy Homes in Port Saint Lucie, Florida, and additional service areas with multiple routes.

Clayton Tino, Beep’s Chief Technology Officer, said, “ Moovit’s ridesharing capabilities combined with Beep’s autonomous first and last mile service will make it easier for riders to reach key destinations in the communities we serve.

“This partnership will allow Beep to present a more responsive service to our passengers, further expanding access to our shuttle service to all passengers.”

Moovit features include:

  • Efficient Routes: Once a user launches the app and enters their destination, Moovit displays the most convenient travel options, including Beep routes and additional multi-modal journeys.
  • Ride-Hailing: Users simply select Beep and follow the prompts to reserve a seat and hail an autonomous shuttle on one of Beep’s routes
  • Shuttle Stop Navigation: Once a ride is booked, users are guided to a Beep pickup location a short walk away
  • Real-Time Tracking: Prior to travel, passengers can track the approaching Beep Shuttle in real-time and see its estimated time of arrival.
  • During the trip, users can view the route on the map, as well as the estimated time to drop off

In February 2022, Beep announced a collaboration with Benteler EV Systems and Mobileye, Moovit’s sister company, to develop and deploy fully electric, automotive-grade autonomous vehicles in public and private communities across North America in 2024.

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