California Staffing Company, Recruit Gigs Announces New Acquisitions and Expansion

IRVINE, Calif., June 8, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Armando Avila, CEO of the staffing company start-up, Recruit Gigs, LLC bought Crestaff, LLC and Restoration Staffing Exchange, DBA California Labor Force.

These acquisitions support the recruiting company’s broader goals of securing market share and growth in the environmental and construction niches – and expanding into new states.

“In my experience, niche agencies know where to find qualified candidates based on the needs of their clients, and the key to success in today’s marketplace is meeting the insatiable demand from our clients,” said Avila, a 25-year endowment veteran. industry in California Central Valley and Bay Area. Over the past decade, the number of temporary and concert worker jobs has skyrocketed while the number of available workers has not kept pace. COVID-19 has catapulted the workforce shortage into a whole new stratosphere with bonuses and increased pay still not attractive enough for workers to meet demand.

“Organizations today need to be smarter in the way they acquire, deploy and manage their limited talent resources in order to optimize results,” says Avila. “An outdated approach to staffing will not work in this new job market. Success depends on innovation. We started Recruit Gigs with the idea of ​​creating a next-generation agency using next-level technology and partnerships to achieve better results, ”he explains. Now, the addition of two new niche companies allows Recruit Gigs to expand its reach and provide much needed workforce management relief in the construction and environment industries.

In coordination with these acquisitions, Avila obtained a $ 20 million Flexible Funding line of credit to help support rapid business growth. Recruit Gigs currently operates in California, Georgia and Phoenix, and will open in Texas next month.

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Founded in 2020, Recruit Gigs deploys modern recruiting strategies and technologies to help employers optimize talent and workforce management in the evolving gig economy. The company specializes in staffing solutions for the fields of architecture, construction, environment, solar energy, light industry, light engineering, IT , medical and professional / administrative devices. Beyond staffing, the company can help its clients with human resources and benefits advice, payroll services and on-site management programs, as well as management services. safety and risks. For more information visit


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