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Kennedy: Bank at the post office

The post as a pseudo bank branch? Where did this weird idea come from? History and necessity, it seems. The concept made headlines earlier this month as the U.S. Postal Service recognized a pilot that quietly launched in mid-September in four communities to gauge interest: the Bronx, Baltimore, Washington, DC …

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What is direct deposit and how to set it up

Direct deposit is the electronic transfer of wages from your bank account to your employees’ accounts. Direct deposit is easier, faster, greener and safer for employers and employees. There are six easy-to-follow steps to set up direct deposits for employees. This article is for small business owners who want to …

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7 Changes to Social Security in 2022

Since it was enacted in 1935, Social Security has been responsible for providing a financial base for retired workers in our country. Today, more than 65 million Americans receive a monthly payment, of which about 72% are retirees. In addition, nearly 22 million beneficiaries are lifted out of poverty each …

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