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UPS Store® stores in San Diego are gearing up for the busy holiday season. Many of the more than 70 franchise establishments around San Diego are looking to hire customer service associates; Interested job seekers can inquire at their local The UPS Store to confirm whether the franchisee is hiring and, if so, file a resume.

The UPS Store is a strong national brand. However, locations are generally owned and operated locally, so franchise owners hire and train their own staff. To find the UPS Store nearest to you, visit

All employees hired by or working for the franchisee of each The UPS Store® establishment are the employees of that franchisee and that franchisee alone, and are not employees of, or under or under the direct or indirect control of, The UPS Store, Inc., its affiliates, or anyone acting on behalf of The UPS Store, Inc. or its affiliates. The franchisee is solely responsible for all decisions and functions relating to employment and employees in its center, including all decisions relating to hiring, firing, training, salary and schedule requirements, records, supervision and discipline of its employees.

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USDA Introduces Insurance Policy for Farmers Who Sell Locally Thu, 07 Oct 2021 13:19:13 +0000

Rapid City Journal, The (SD)

The US Department of Agriculture launches a new insurance option specifically for smallholder agricultural producers who sell locally. New Micro farm The policy simplifies record keeping and covers post-production costs like washing and value-added products.

USDA Risk management agency created this new policy based on research led by the 2018 Farm Bill. The policy will be available from crop year 2022.

The Micro Farm the policy is available to producers who have a farm that earns an average qualifying income of $ 100,000 or less, or for deferred policyholders, an average eligible income of $ 125,000 or less. RMA research has shown that 85% of producers who sell locally said they made less than $ 75,000 in gross sales.

The policy is delivered through farm-wide income protection, and has separate provisions that can provide greater access to the program, including:

No expense or individual product declaration is required, simplifying record keeping requirements for producers; income from post-production costs, such as washing and packaging products and value-added products, is considered eligible income.

“We are delighted to offer this new coverage to producers who strive to provide their communities with fresh and healthy food,” said Richard Flournoy, acting administrator of RMA. “USDA focuses on supporting local and regional food systems, and this new crop insurance policy is designed with this important sector of agriculture in mind. “

The Federal Crop Insurance Company approved on Micro farm political end of September. More details on the policy will be available this fall.

Crop insurance is sold and provided only through private crop insurance agents. A list of crop insurance agents is available to everyone USDA Service Centers and online on the RMA Agent Locator. To learn more about crop insurance, go to

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The hospital staff crisis causes a change of insurance | New Thu, 07 Oct 2021 00:35:42 +0000

ALBANY – Business groups and the insurance industry say a state directive temporarily suspending the pre-authorization requirement for surgeries and other medical procedures is likely to increase the cost of health care plans for them. employers and their staff.

Under a general directive issued by Gov. Kathy Hochul’s administration last week, a requirement that health insurance claims be reviewed by health plans both retrospectively and simultaneously has also been waived.

Hochul officials called the move a “bold move” to address shortages in staff and other health facilities. These staffing issues have been exacerbated by Hochul’s mandate that all healthcare workers receive COVID-19 vaccines.

Lev Ginsburg, senior director of government affairs for the Business Council of New York State, a group that advocates for employers, told CNHI that the insurance pre-authorization requirement “serves as a check and balance for the cost of care health “because she ensured the procedures performed in hospitals and health clinics are medically necessary. Not having the requirement in place will increase the cost of healthcare, he argued.

The fact that employers are very concerned about the state directive shows that the issue is not just about another disagreement between insurers and the hospital lobby, but that it is a consumer issue. much wider, Ginsburg said.

Hochul’s emergency order is due to expire on October 27.

It contained several other provisions, such as licensing doctors and other health care professionals from other states to practice in New York.

The directive suspending pre-authorization exams has been requested by the Greater New York Hospital Association.

The industry group praised Hochul for its “decisive action” in suspending the pre-authorization review and other provisions of the state insurance law.

Eric Linzer, president of the New York Health Plan Association, said it was an “open question” as to the extent of the hospital staff shortages being used as the justification for Hochul’s emergency order.

Linzer noted that there had been reports by the time the order was issued last week that hospitals “continued to provide the full range of care” to patients in their facilities.

He also said the order could end up having “adverse effects” on patients discharged from hospitals, as insurers will not be able to determine whether there are “the necessary supports in place for follow-up care and their recovery “.

Gary Fitzgerald, president of the Iroquois Healthcare Alliance, a coordinating group of around 50 hospitals in the upstate, said the healthcare administrators he consulted with on a daily basis fully supported the order.

“We currently have a serious staff shortage, and anything that makes caregiving easier and doesn’t jump in the hoops during this time of crisis is welcome,” Fitzgerald said in an interview.

Bill Hammond, health policy researcher for the Empire Center for Public Policy, an Albany think tank, said if staff shortages had worsened due to the vaccine mandate, Hochul could have simply suspended this mandate instead of suspending the screening requirement.

Hammond also said that it is likely that hospitals that do not have staff shortages will now invoke the emergency order to “escape the standard, routine monitoring of their billing which is absolutely important to maintaining integrity. of the insurance system “.

The Greater New York Hospital Association has informed its members that the state ordinance includes other “flexibilities” that give hospitals and nursing homes the power to discharge, transfer and admit patients on duty. staff shortages, as authorized by the state health department.

“Doctors can make visits to residents of nursing homes via telemedicine,” the association advised. “Some record keeping requirements are suspended.”

The order should remain in effect until the current expiration date.

“This temporary arrangement gives facilities the flexibility to dedicate more clinical staff to direct patient care if needed to address a shortage,” said Hochul spokeswoman Hazel Crampton-Hays. “Guaranteeing access to quality healthcare is everyone’s main concern.

The health care vaccination mandate went into effect on September 27 – the same day the emergency order was issued.

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Why does Alabama’s future have to be so similar to its past? Wed, 06 Oct 2021 09:04:40 +0000

The data is overwhelming.

But, most Alabamians seem to be saying, “To hell with the data.”

After all, “We dare to stand up for our rights.”

We defend the rights of our state to the grave. The correlation between vaccination rate and death rate is frightening to see. The anti-vaccines who died of stubbornness “certainly understood it”.

Only three in 50 states now have more deaths per 100,000 from the coronavirus than Alabama. Only Florida and Louisiana and thank goodness for Mississippi have more such deaths. Florida, in fact, rules the nation – a mortal monument to its ignorant governor’s leadership. These same southern states are also leaders in the low percentages of residents vaccinated.

We Alabamians have long had a perverse pride in being at the top of lists of accomplishments that are ultimately unimportant (e.g. top-ranked football teams) or that are horrific indicators of our lack of humanity (e.g. example, the percentage of uninsured residents). In addition, we have long lacked the shame we should have of being poorly ranked on other important lists (eg, most “quality of life” lists). Some of our fellow citizens are now content to be among the national leaders in the number of deaths from COVID-19 and the percentage of residents who refuse to be vaccinated.

Why is that?

George Wallace used to tell us that we were as cultured, educated, and intelligent as people anywhere else in America. But, this was not true at the time when it fascinated our state. It is just as false at a time when Donald Trump fascinates the Alabamians even more.