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Mo Abudu does not wait for permission

Abudu’s takeaways? “If you don’t take responsibility for changing the narrative, when you leave your narration to someone else, you can’t blame them,” she said. By 2013, “Moments” had made Abudu a household name in Nigeria. Seeing opportunities, Abudu took full advantage of Winfrey and launched a pan-African television network: …

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Volvo Trucks India launches new generation trucks

“We are proud to launch these next generation trucks designed to deliver superior operational efficiency to our customers. We continue to bring world-class innovation to India and these trucks will further strengthen our role as our customers’ preferred business partner, ”said Vinod Aggarwal, Managing Director and CEO, VE Commercial Vehicles …

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Reviews | The NFL bets on bets

Wingo told me, “At the end of the day, after the Supreme Court ruling, the NFL was really good at three things. First, they have a product that you just can’t get enough of. Second, they know how to market it in hell. Third, they know how to make money. …

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