CAVU HCM Launches Two New Free Integrations to Deliver Greater Value to Customers

PEORIA, Ill., May 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CAVU Human Capital Management (HCM), an emerging provider of technology, payroll and human resources, today announced the launch of two new free integrations for its customers. The first integration is with The Work Number by Equifax to automate verification of income and employment applications from accredited verifiers. The second integration is with ZayZoon to allow employees of our clients to receive their salaries immediately.

The Job Number provides a streamlined, transparent and automated service allowing authenticated verifiers to quickly and accurately mine over 114 million active records to help complete the employment and income verification process necessary to help take credit decisions. Equifax’s Work Number automates the verification process, reduces the risk of human error, and provides quick answers that employees depend on when applying for credit, employment, or benefits. CAVU’s Integrated Verification Service is available free of charge to CAVU HCM customers.

With the launch of the Zayzoon integration and partnership, we are able to offer our customers’ employees the flexibility and autonomy to access their earned salary on demand, before their traditional payday. Once an employee signs up, they have access to their earned salary without waiting. 89% of employees surveyed by ZayZoon reported reduced financial stress by using the ZayZoon solution to access previously earned but unpaid salaries. Equally important, this service is available at no cost to CAVU customers and provides businesses with a hassle-free program. Restaurants using the solution report up to an 80% reduction in employee theft of money and a 22% increase in employee retention.

“These integrations are at the very heart of our philosophy of helping our growing customers scale while empowering their employees. Both integrations save our customers and their staff valuable time and resources,” said Joe SharpCo-CEO of CAVU HCM.

About CAVU Human Capital Management

CAVU HCM is a one-of-a-kind payroll and HR technology and services company where relationships are our number one priority, and our drive is to achieve our clients’ goals and constantly identify areas where we can add value. CAVU, the acronym, stands for Ceiling and Unlimited Visibility, a phrase often used to describe desirable flight conditions. It also clearly describes our mission; Break down barriers, borders and limitations for our valued customers and their staff by delivering cutting-edge technology and a unique personal experience online and offline. We give growing business owners the high-end tools and resources they need to grow.

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