Column: Advantages of using Bacs for payroll

We understand that choosing the right payment method isn’t always straightforward, so to make things easier, we’ve put together some benefits of using Bacs, and how using Garbutt + Elliott’s Bacs payment services could be the right choice. For Your Business !

Bacs stands for Bankers’ Automated Clearing System and is one of the most trusted payment methods used in the UK. In 2020, 345 million payroll-related payments were made using this method.

One of the best features of using Bacs is its payroll adaptability. Most payroll and accounting software supports Bins files, which makes sending Bins simple and straightforward. This simple approach eliminates the need to track multiple payments and eliminates the worry of loss, theft or delay.

Bacs also provides users with additional support through the use of their third-party insurance team (PAY.UK) who not only help users answer all of their questions, but also inspect offices such as us. In doing so, Bacs maintains a high level of controls and procedures that secure them as a reliable system for all users.

Why use Garbutt + Elliott Bacs payment services?

Garbutt and Elliot are a fully approved PAY.UK Bacs payroll office. Our Bacs approval status means that we receive regular inspections from PAY.UK, which guarantees our customers a service performed to the highest standards. PAY.UK rates our team in 5 key areas, including:

1) organization and financial information

2) physical security

3) IT operations

4) application and system support

5) Treatment and operations of the tanks.

This inspection makes our service safe and secure throughout the process.

Allowing us to submit your payments creates several benefits for your business, such as efficient and reliable payment submissions by our fully trained team and minimizing the stress and risk associated with key payment dates – even when the people in your company who authorize Bacs payments are on vacation or unforeseen. let.

Take the stress out of paying your staff. Contact our friendly payroll team today at [email protected]

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