Dry weather clings to forecast until mid-February

Another brilliantly colored dawn on Saturday as another dry weekend arrives.

While the eastern half of the country is hammered by wild weather, western Nevada remains dry as high pressure has barred the door to the storm trail.

“Expect warm afternoons and cool mornings with occasional mountain breezes and valley inversions,” National Weather Service meteorologist Dustin Norman said Saturday morning. “The next chance for some sort of rush, however, won’t come until the middle of the month.”

While a few high clouds brought a beautiful sunrise on Saturday, it should clear by lunchtime as a light breeze pushes it east.

Norman said there was the faintest hint of an indication in the models that a slider storm could arrive in mid-February bringing precipitation.

“Spoiler alert: it wouldn’t be much even if it develops and moves on a favorable trajectory,” he said. “Nevertheless, we have to hang our hat on something, so let’s take what we can get.”

February is usually a pretty solid moisture producer, but so far 2022 has racked up a big goose egg for precipitation.

Saturday marked 35 days since the last drop in humidity in Minden, where records have been kept since 1906.

During this period, the only month of February with no precipitation was 2013. In 114 years of record keeping, there has never been both January and February in Carson Valley without precipitation, although that 2013 came closer with only 0.32 inches for the first. two months of the year.

Of more concern is the lack of snow in the Sierra in the first weeks of 2022. While December saw record snowfall in places, January was a stark contrast with next to nothing across the Sierra.

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