For Berks County, COVID cases are slow to near pandemic low point | Coronavirus

With four more new cases of COVID on Friday in the state health department dashboard update for Berks County, the latest figures almost match the low point of the pandemic almost a year ago.

The seven-day average was 10, rounded off to 9.7, and the 14-day average was 13. The total pandemic cases increased to 48,439.

Reading eagle Record keeping shows averages are near pandemic lows of nine and 12, respectively, as of July 6, if the first two weeks of the pandemic are excluded.

The first time a 14-day average was calculated was April 1, 2020, and it was 11. By that time, the seven days had reached 19.

The initial net of cases reached double digits on March 26, 2020.

Meanwhile, the updated COVID vaccination figures for Berks included 906 residents more fully vaccinated for a pandemic total of 173,980.

There were 125 fewer in the partials column for a pandemic total of 39,295.

Vaccines per day

Vaccinations Thursday June 24: 229 partial vaccinations; 371 complete vaccinations.

SOURCE: Pennsylvania Department of Health

Immunization demographics were updated on Friday and showed 46.8% of Berks residents aged 12 and older are fully immunized, with women still largely becoming men, from 49.8% to 42 , 0%.

The daily dashboard update included one death of a Berks resident for a pandemic total of 1,040. This is likely the death reported earlier this week by the county coroner’s office.

The state does not provide details on the deaths.

The coroner reports as it happens and the state reports when the electronic file or documents reach the archives office.

In hospitalizations, there were five COVID patients in Berks hospitals without any in intensive care, the dashboard showed.

Status numbers

The health department’s dashboard on Friday showed about 25,000 additional vaccinations statewide, with the pandemic total reaching 5.32 million.

Per Capita Vaccinations in Pennsylvania.

SOURCE: Pennsylvania Department of Health

There were also nearly 20,000 fewer in the partials column for a total of 1.35 million people still in need of a second shot.

Regarding completed inoculations, the state reports that the total is 49.1% of the eligible population aged 12 and over. But the 5.3 million and percentage doesn’t include those who complete the process in Philadelphia, about 800,000, and out-of-state residents, about 315,000.

the Johns Hopkins University Scoreboard shows 5.73 million total inoculations for Pennsylvania with 44.8% of the total population of 13 million as fully covered.

It is not known if there are any differences in the methodology. Johns Hopkins does not list those that are considered partially covered.

  • There were 258 new cases of COVID statewide, and the pandemic total continued to rise by 1.21 million.
  • The number of COVID patients has dropped from one to 379 including 74 in intensive care.
  • Nine total deaths in Pennsylvania for a pandemic total of 27,636.

Each new case is a new person who tests positive. Averages smooth out the highs and lows of statistical reports.

Masks will no longer be part of the state’s pandemic control guidelines on Monday.

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