Fuelman Intros EV Charging Tracking Tool

Commercial fleet refueling services company Fuelman, a subsidiary of FLEETCOR, has launched a new solution to help fleet customers pay for and accurately track all electric vehicle (EV) charging activities, including the reimbursement of employees for home charging, according to a press release on Wednesday (January 12).

“As businesses increasingly seek to adopt electric vehicles, the refueling landscape is becoming more complex, making fleet management more challenging,” said Alexey Gavrilenya, group president of North America Fuel at FLEET COR.

“We are at the forefront of the energy transition by providing a complete and enhanced management and payment platform to help customers efficiently manage fleets with any fuel mix,” said Gavrilenya.

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The EV solution is available to Fuelman customers and can be added to a physical fleet card or integrated as a virtual EV companion feature. Both physical and digital solutions can be used to make payments in electric vehicle charging apps on charging networks that accept Mastercard.

Driven by the number of employees charging electric vehicles from home and the need for reimbursement, the new Fuelman solution gleans data from cars to track each time they are charged and logs the type of charger and its location. The tool tracks and manages usage, costs and reimbursements, whether the electric vehicle is charged at home or elsewhere.

“As a leader in commercial fleet management and payment solutions, we can provide our customers with convenience, fraud controls and data insights no matter where and how they shop,” said Keagan. Russo, president of Fuelman and North America Local Fleet.

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“Enabling payment for EV charging, data, and home reimbursement for all of our Fuelman fleet card customers allows us to help customers manage their fleets in the future,” Russo added.

Founded in 1985 and based in Norcross, Georgia, Fuelman bills itself as the leading fuel expense management solution, according to the press release. Corporate fuel cards include customizable fuel orders, real-time alerts and reports that help businesses manage and control fuel expenses.



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