Global Workplace Injury Insurance Market Purchasing Intelligence Report Will Have Additional Spend of USD 42 Billion

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Highlights presented in the report:

  • Information on how to identify strategic and tactical trading levels that will get the best prices.
  • Get information on relevant pricing tiers, detailed explanations of the pros and cons of common pricing models.
  • Methods to help engage with the right suppliers and discover KPIs to assess existing suppliers.

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Overview of buyer’s strategies and tactical negotiation levers:

Several strategic and tactical negotiating levers are explained in the report to help buyers obtain the best prices in the workers’ compensation insurance market. The report also helps buyers to know the relevant pricing levels of workers’ compensation insurance, the advantages and disadvantages of common pricing models, such as volume-based pricing, spot pricing, pricing. cost-plus and category management strategies and best practices to achieve their category goals.

For more information on buyers’ strategies and tactical negotiation levers,

Key Drivers and Trends Driving Market Growth:

Pressure from substitutes and a moderate level of threat from new entrants has resulted in weak bargaining power from suppliers.

Price forecasts are beneficial in purchasing planning, especially when complemented by constant monitoring of price influencing factors.

Identify favorable opportunities in the TCO (total cost of ownership) of workers’ compensation insurance.

  • Expected changes in price forecasts and factors determining current and future price changes.
  • Identify the pricing models that offer the most rewarding opportunities.

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Some of the major workers’ compensation insurance providers listed in this report:

This information report on workers’ compensation insurance purchases identified the best providers and their cost structures, the terms of the service level agreement, the best selection criteria and negotiation strategies.

  • MetLife Inc.
  • Munich Re
  • AXA Group

Get the details you are looking for:

Purchase our in-depth market analysis report to find out:

  • Changing market landscape with annual forecast to 2025.
  • Analyze the competitive landscape and the suppliers of the market.
  • What is the marketing budget for the geographic expansion of the market?
  • Understand the sourcing strategies most adopted by buyers in all industries.

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  • Abstract
  • Market Snapshot
  • Category pricing information
  • Cost reduction opportunities
  • Best practices
  • Ecosystem Category
  • Category management strategy
  • Category management facilitators
  • Selection of suppliers
  • Covered suppliers
  • US Market Snapshot
  • Scope of the category
  • Annex

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