How to measure and install rack security solutions

With the right equipment, you can help improve your business practices, making them safer and more efficient while saving time and money.

Improperly secured cargo can lead to accidents, injuries, lost revenue and workers compensation claims. You can minimize the risk by getting rid of ineffective measurements and investing in high quality, properly fitted straps and nets for your pallet racking.

And with our easy-to-install security products, you’ll have a racking security system that meets all regulations and helps protect your warehouse and employees set up in minutes, with no tools or hassle!

Before Installing Rack Security Solutions

Assess your needs

Before taking action, determine your current safety equipment needs and how those needs may change in the future. What type of measures do you have in place? Are they easy to implement, install and use? Are they performing as well as you would like? What is the ideal configuration for your business? Looking ahead to the next three to five years, what pallet racking design changes do you plan to implement? These are questions you may want to consider beforehand.

Find the best fit

Optimal protection doesn’t just mean buying the best products on the market, but making sure they also work seamlessly with the equipment you already have in place. To measure racks for rack security solutions, measure the horizontal distance in inches between the posts at each end with a tape or laser tape measure.

Always keep the following in mind:

  • Be sure to take note measure in inches and be as specific as possible. A small difference in size can have a big impact on the ideal fit of your rack security product.

  • While most manufacturers produce standard beams, the actual measurement of these bundles may vary slightly.

  • To ensure the best fit, measure your racks and send us your exact dimensions. With precise measurement, we can provide you with the best warehouse security solution. Although the dimensions of your racks may be slightly larger or smaller than standard strap lengths, you will have an easier time finding the right fit without rounding up. Additionally, custom sizes can also be created to meet your specialized needs, with a minimum order quantity.

  • Check your amounts. Are they teardrop, split, structural or some other type of anchor? You can use this pallet racking type guide from our friends at SJF Material Handling for reference. We offer a standard T-shaped hardware connector that fits most rack types and a J-hook connector that fits Structural, Frazier, and Redi-Rack styles.

Adrian’s 2-inch-wide polyester safety straps offer 2,400 lbs. burst strength in the following standard sizes:

  • 96 inches (8 feet)

  • 102 inches (8.5 feet)

  • 108 inches (9 feet)

  • 120 inches (10 feet)

  • 144 inches (12 feet)

  • 156 inches (13 feet)

Note: We design all straps and netting to allow for a 6″ overhang to prevent the pallet from passing through the longitudinal space of the duct.

Know your options

The security products you currently have may not be protecting your stored items as effectively as they could be. Knowing how to measure bay width and finding the best products for your pallet racking is easy when you can choose from a range of high quality, carefully tested products. At Adrian’s, we offer innovative security solutions that provide the durability and security you need to protect your goods, your employees and your company’s reputation without complicated installations or high costs. Choose from straps, fixed or sliding safety nets and cables that will prevent objects from falling into the flue, as well as cargo nets for your transport vehicles.

How to install rack security solutions

Installation as easy as 1, 2, 3!

When we show our customers how easy it is to install rack security solutions, we often hear disbelief. “Why didn’t someone think of that before?” they say. Because our pallet rack security products have been designed to be installed easily with no modifications or tools required, they are significantly less expensive to install than traditional alternatives.

For example, to install Adrian’s Rack Security Straps:

  • Simply unpack the safety strap from your Adrian luggage rack.

  • Attach the strap hardware connector to the anchor points on the rack posts on each side of the rack.

  • Watch a close-up view of hardware installation in this video.

Now that you know how to measure and install rack security solutions, contact us to learn how our products can benefit your business.

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