Hunt County, TX 18-wheeler Rollover Accident Bles 2 on I-30 at CR-4115

Hunt County, TX – On April 26, 2021, a Missouri man and woman were injured in an accident where their 18-wheeler overturned along I-30.

Authorities reported that the crash happened at around 1:09 p.m. along I-30 in the area of ​​County Road 4115.

In their reports, officials said a 32-year-old Missouri man was aboard a Freightliner traveling westbound along I-30. The driver reportedly admitted looking at his phone when the 18-wheeler vehicle ran off-road and overturned.

A 56-year-old woman in the truck suffered crippling injuries. The driver had possible injuries. For now, further details remain unclear.

Commentary on the 18-wheel rollover accident on the I-30 and CR-4115 in Hunt County

The news almost always overlooks rollover accidents like this because they think there is nothing to discuss. Everyone injured was in the truck, so what more can we say? Well it depends on a lot. One thing to keep in mind is how the law treats passengers injured in an accident. Except in an extreme example like someone pulling on a steering wheel, pedestrians cannot really bear the blame for an accident.

As such, if the passenger is not a colleague covered by the workers’ commission, accidents like this can get to the courts just as they can when an 18-wheeler crashes into a car. . If the police reports are correct, a truck driver made a mistake and someone was injured. This usually means the trucking company is on the hook. It can be a complex situation depending on who the passenger is and what they were doing at the time, so even a seemingly simple accident like this should be handled by experienced professionals.


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