Industry first as Canadian mineral exploration company helps Indigenous communities

Angkor Resources Corp., a Canadian company engaged in mineral and oil / gas exploration in the Kingdom, said the implementation of its unprecedented industry agreement with the indigenous Jarai communities of northeastern Cambodia is on a “good start”.

The company reported the ongoing construction of a community and administrative center in Andong Meas district, Ratanakiri province. The building is one of the first collaborative projects under the agreement.

The Andong Meas permit (“gold pit” in the Khmer language), which spans 118 square kilometers on which the Jarai people have lived for decades, is one of five mining permits the company has in Cambodia. In addition to its mining concessions, Angkor Resources Corp is also involved in oil and gas exploration in the Kompong Som basin in Cambodia.

Andong Meas hosts Angkor Perspectives from Canada Wall, Gossan Hills, Wild Boar and South Creek. According to the company, members of the community have worked with them on numerous exploration campaigns there.

As part of the deal, Angkor Resources Corp agreed to provide material support for the project, including roofing materials, cement and furniture for an office. The Jarai people, on the other hand, provide all the labor and local supplies like wood.

The center, according to a press release from Angkor Resources Corp., has been identified by the community as a priority to have an administrative location as part of its goal of acquiring land titles from the government of Cambodia and administering their own internal micro-financing. funding model to community members.

“This community / administration center marks a starting point for the community as it protects against depletion of their land through land grabbing or against deceptive claims for unknowingly pledged portions of their land. by members of the community, ”he said.

In May, Angkor Resources Corp and the Jarai people of Andong Meas signed an innovative agreement that has been hailed as a “cradle-to-grave model” for mining development in areas occupied by indigenous communities.

The agreement covers all facets of the mining sector, from exploration to development, production and reclamation. “It is meant to align the parties so that they work in parallel as they advance community and industry projects,” the company said.

Under the agreement, Angkor Resources Crop will also help communities meet their needs, which includes teaching community members basic record-keeping, filing and administration skills that will help them meet their needs. will help to gain the independence and strength of the community.

Angkor Resources Corp. President Mike Weeks said the projects are very important to these communities.

“These projects are so important for the status of a community when it asks for autonomy like their community land titles. To date, this relationship has been very fruitful and we are proud to set this example in the country, ”said Weeks, who also led the negotiations that led to the deal.

Jan Scazighino, charge d’affaires of the office of the Canadian Embassy in Cambodia, said the initiative is a victory for everyone.

“Canada and Cambodia have significant indigenous populations. I am very proud to see Angkor Resources working hard to help local Cambodian indigenous groups. Their approach appears to be a great victory: for Cambodia, for indigenous groups here, for Canada, as well as for the environment, ”he said.

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