Invoices for drug tests after an accident, vacation pay

A measure introduced before the legislative session beginning Wednesday would require Virginia employers to conduct drug tests after the accident.

HB 153 would stipulate that for the purpose of determining the cause of an industrial accident, employers should require post-accident drug testing for the use of non-prescribed controlled substances for “any employee whose conduct could have been contribute to the accident ”.

The bill would also prohibit insurers from offering a discount on drug-free employment premiums to any employer who does not implement policies to comply with the drug testing requirement.

Also in the works, a resolution presented to the House of Delegates would require a study on the effect of the ban on charging bonuses based on bonuses, vacations and public holidays.

Joint House Resolution 11 would direct the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission to investigate a ban on charging compensation premiums on bonuses, vacations, and holidays.

The requested study should examine the amounts of these bonuses, the effect of a ban and “whether the objectives of the Workers ‘Compensation Act would be better served by waiving or prohibiting the imposition of workers’ compensation bonuses. accidents at work on premiums, vacation time or vacation time.

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