JobsOhio marks an unprecedented year in 2021, breaking records throughout its metrics

In the year before the Intel megaproject, JobsOhio attracts 29,104 new jobs and $6.9 billion in investment capital

Columbus, Ohio, June 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, JobsOhio, the state’s private, nonprofit economic development corporation, released its 2021 Annual Report and 2022 Strategic Plan, which show 2021 will be a landmark year with more than 29 104 new jobs created and more $6.9 billion in capital investment in Ohio. Although the Intel megaproject was not included in last year’s record performance, JobsOhio was able to break records for new job commitments, new job payroll, jobs retained and new projects.

In 2021, JobsOhio and its partners achieved:

  • 414 projects in total
  • 29,104 new jobs
  • $1.6 billion new jobs
  • 75,416 jobs retained
  • $4.5 billion jobs kept
  • $6.9 billion in investment capital

JobsOhio is looking to capitalize on the current trend of attracting successful businesses from the coasts in 2022 after nearly 40 new businesses moved from the east and west coasts to Ohio Last year.

“We remained true to our commitment to move at the speed of business to attract new jobs for Ohioans, marking a banner year for JobsOhio and continuing strong momentum in the future,” said the President and CEO of JobsOhio. JP Nausea. “Intel has caught the eye of business leaders who haven’t considered choosing Ohio ahead of this year, and we are proving to be a major contender for attracting new business technology, advanced manufacturing and other rapidly growing sectors looking to tap into our growing talent pool and our strong business climate.”

In 2021, JobsOhio continued to focus on ten target industries with high productivity, wages and economic impact. These industries are tracked because they are ‘business sectors’, which means jobs can be located anywhere and are not tied to the provision of local services. After the challenges presented by COVID-19, the sectors targeted by JobsOhio remained resilient, with overall employment fully recovering to pre-pandemic levels. The ten sectors accounted for 36% of from ohio gross state product, 28% of its payroll and 21% of its jobs. Overall employment in JobsOhio’s ten sectors has been fully restored to pre-pandemic levels.

Founded 11 years ago, JobsOhio is a unique private economic development company that invests in from ohio coming. In 2021, JobsOhio has taken a strategic approach to focus on how the state can make the most of its proximity, workforce, infrastructure and growth opportunities. These strategic initiatives included:

  • Talent: Home to a workforce of nearly 5.7 million people and hundreds of higher education institutions, Ohio continues to nurture one of its greatest assets for business: a strong, skilled and hardworking workforce.
  • Sites: SiteOhio gives businesses access to an inventory of ready-to-use sites, while the Revitalization Program provides financial assistance to businesses looking to redevelop abandoned, neglected or contaminated properties
  • Innovation: With the state of Ohio and our healthcare and academic partners, JobsOhio has launched one of the most ambitious and comprehensive economic development initiatives in the nation. Innovation strategy creates innovation districts, funds grants for new R&D centers and provides businesses with essential growth capital
  • Inclusion: As part of JobsOhio’s five-year strategic plan, our inclusion work encompasses the intersecting dimensions of underrepresented populations and geographies. As a result, JobsOhio is investing $14.4 million annually through three programs focused on inclusion. At the end of 2021, we awarded grants to 200 companies which, in turn, stimulated more than $100 million in total investments.

About Jobs Ohio:

JobsOhio is a private, not-for-profit economic development corporation designed to stimulate job creation and new capital investment in Ohio through business attraction, retention and expansion. The organization also strives to seed talent generation in its targeted industries and attract talent to Ohio through Find your Ohio. JobsOhio works with six regional partners across Ohio: Dayton Development Coalition, Southeast Ohio Economic Development, A Christopher Columbus, REDI Cincinnati, Regional Growth Partnershipand The Neo Team. Learn more about follow us on LinkedIn, Twitterand Facebook.


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