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One of the best features of the KeepTruckin service is its team driving support. Up to nine co-pilots can switch between users without logging out of the program. Although the product also offers 24/7 customer support, many reviews show that the service is lacking.

When purchasing online, the confirmation page indicates that KeepTruckin will contact you within one business day. They base the price on the hardware you use. When using its website, you must select the number of vehicles and features you need before entering contact information to see prices. After choosing your hardware, you’ll see one or two plan options. Packages are also available.

KeepTruckin Device Plan Pricing

The amount you pay for KeepTruckin’s services varies depending on the size of your fleet, the devices you choose, and the package that best suits your needs. Here are some of the most common devices and their monthly price per unit (when paid annually).

Asset Gateway

This is a solar powered device starting at $15 per unit per month. If you commit to three years, you get the $300 hardware for free. Collect real-time data via GPS and track, report and share locations, all without complicated setup.

vehicle gateway

With live GPS tracking with location updates every two seconds, this gateway sits on the dash. Get a free vehicle gateway with a three-year contract, otherwise it costs $150.

Smart Dashcam Forward Facing Safety Package

With this bundle, get both the road-facing smart dash cam and vehicle gateway. With a three-year subscription, you get both devices for free, otherwise it’s $400 for the hardware. These upload real-time video to the cloud and give instant alerts when dangerous driving is detected.

Dual-Sided Smart Dashcam Security Kit

This set comes with two pieces of hardware: a dual-sided smart dash cam and a vehicle gateway. Pay $500 for the hardware, or else get both for free if you sign up for a three-year contract. The equipment helps prevent accidents, with tailgating and distraction alerts and personalized coaching. Upload video footage to avoid third party liability or prove your innocence with search functions to choose a specific date and time.

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