LPL Financial: Launch of Point 32 with LPL Strategic Wealth Services Support

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina – Dec 6 2021 –LPL Financial LLC announced today that financial advisor Brian Nydegger has launched a new independent practice, Point 32 Investment Partners, through its affiliation with LPL Financial’s strategic wealth management service model, designed to meet the unique needs of broke advisers. Brian and his team said they have served approximately $ 420 million in advisory, brokerage and pension assets *. They join RBC Wealth Management’s LPL.

The launch of Point 32 represents the culmination of years of thought and planning for Brian and his father, Richard Nydegger. They have worked together since Brian graduated from college in 1996 and planned to become partners in their new firm. They had many discussions about the vision for Point 32, a place where they could run their business in the way they felt was best for their clients. But unfortunately Richard passed away in May.

“The opportunity to work alongside my father for 25 years is such a blessing. He was my mentor, my sounding board, and we never had an argument about the company,” said Brian. “It is an honor to carry on her legacy and fulfill her dream of truly caring for customers and putting their needs first.”

Based in Westhampton, NY, the Point 32 team also includes Corrine Heaney, Director of Client Services, and Sean Sullivan, Partner of Client Services. They primarily work with high net worth individuals and small businesses to provide the service, solutions and strategies needed to help create, preserve and transfer wealth. The team is also strongly committed to socially responsible investing.

As they searched for a new partner for their independent practice, Brian said LPL stood out for its size, scope and the added layer of support that LPL Strategic Wealth Services offer. He said: “I wanted freedom and independence to work on my own terms, but I didn’t want to have the added responsibility of office operations, such as payroll, setting up technology or building the office. office. LPL Strategic Wealth Services is a turnkey model that not only helps with the initial start-up, but also provides us with dedicated team members to strategically support my business, leaving me more time to focus on my clients, my children and the community. community awareness.

Committed support from LPL Strategic Wealth Services

In addition to leveraging LPL’s integrated wealth management platform and the sophisticated resources needed to run a thriving practice, the LPL Strategic Wealth Services model provides ongoing, personalized support for day-to-day operations and business management. long-term. Early in the journey, Strategic Wealth Services ensures the transition to independence by providing the team with dedicated support and services to launch their practice, including property construction, brand development, technology setup and support. to HR. Once the transition is complete, the value shifts to ongoing strategic, administrative, marketing and CFO support that allows advisors to stay focused on their clients’ enduring needs, culture, and evolution of their practice.

In launching the new business, the team chose the name Point 32 to signify the compass rose, which represents spiritual direction, awakening and discovery. “It alludes to the freedom to run our business in the way that we think is best for our customers,” said Brian. “The compass gives you the flexibility to go anywhere while changing and adjusting your course, ultimately guiding you to your destination, just as Point 32 Investment Partners guides its clients in their investment decisions.”

Growing up near water, a deep love for offshore and inshore fishing led Brian to a keen awareness of the environment and the importance of ethical and green investments. Another passion close to her heart is helping clients overcome the barriers they might face when dealing with mental health and addiction issues. He is proud to serve on the board of directors of the Our Lady of the Hamptons Catholic School Board in Southampton, NY, representing St. Rosalie Parish.

Scott Posner, Executive Vice President of Business Development for LPL, said: “We are honored to welcome Brian and the Point 32 team to the LPL community. We are inspired by Brian’s passion to continue his father’s legacy and vision, and we are committed to supporting the team with a dedicated and fully integrated team every step of the way. We will continue to leverage our scale to invest in innovative capabilities and robust business resources designed to help our advisors thrive. We look forward to an exciting journey ahead with Point 32 Investment Partners. ”

Learn more about Point 32 Investment Partners.

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About LPL Financière:

LPL Financial (Nasdaq: LPLA) was founded on the premise that the business should work for the adviser, not the other way around. Today, LPL is a leader ** in the markets we serve, supporting more than 19,000 financial advisers, 800 institutional investment programs and 450 independent RIA companies across the country. We are unwavering in our commitment to the Advisor-Centered Model and the belief that Americans deserve access to the personalized advice of a financial advisor. At LPL, independence means advisors have the freedom they deserve to choose the business model, services and technology resources that allow them to run their practice flawlessly. And they have the freedom to manage their customer relationships because they know their customers better. Simply put, we take care of our advisors so that they can take care of their clients.

* Based on past business and represents assets that would have been held by LPL Financial, rather than third party custodians. Reported assets and customer numbers have not been independently and fully verified by LPL Financial.

** Principal custodian of AIR (Cerulli Associates, 2020 US RIA Marketplace Report); No. 1 among independent brokers in the United States (based on total revenues, Financial Planning magazine 1996-2021); 1st provider of brokerage services on behalf of third parties to banks and credit unions (TPM Annual Report 2020-2021 Kehrer Bielan Research & Consulting); Fortune 500 company in June 2021

Securities and advisory services offered by LPL Financial LLC, an SEC-registered brokerage and investment advisor. FINRA / SIPC member.

Throughout this communication, the terms “financial advisers” and “advisers” are used to refer to the registered representatives and / or representatives of the investment advisers affiliated with LPL Financial LLC. We regularly disclose information that may be important to shareholders in the “Investor Relations” or “Press Releases” section of our website.

Point 32 Investment Management and LPL Financial are separate entities.

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