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Tracking Service is designed for fleet managers who need timely information about their motorized equipment. – Photo: Lytx”/>

The Lytx Asset Tracking Service is designed for fleet managers who need timely information about their motorized equipment.

Photo: Lytx

Lytx Inc., a video telematics provider for fleets, has launched the Lytx asset tracking service to augment its fleet management products, the company announced on July 20.

Available in the United States and Canada, the asset tracking service can be used by fleet managers looking for a streamlined approach to locating and managing their motorized equipment. The company also announced several new maintenance enhancements for its fleet tracking service, which are expected to be released later this year.

With nearly $1 billion in large machinery lost or stolen in the United States every year, today’s fleet managers need an effective solution that can quickly help them secure and locate their motorized assets. the most importants.

Available now, the all-new Lytx Asset Tracking Service is designed for fleet managers who need timely information about their motorized equipment. The service includes Lytx Asset Tracker hardware and a monthly subscription per unit that allows customers to access the customizable software through a Lytx account.

Lytx Asset Tracking Service

Asset tracking is critical for customers with mixed fleets, as asset locations can change quickly. Without a way to locate and track equipment, businesses can be exposed to theft and loss of equipment.

By installing a Lytx Asset Tracker device in a powered asset and using the tracking software, companies can quickly obtain important data such as asset serial number, current estimated location, time of last connection and the date of the last movement. Real-time custom alerts provide additional visibility, including equipment idle time, current battery level, and when an asset enters or exits a defined area.

Combined with Lytx’s fleet tracking service, Asset Tracking can provide fleet managers with the peace of mind of knowing where their critical vehicles and motorized equipment are at all times. This comprehensive visibility gives fleet managers and business owners the ability to track travel history and patterns to determine vehicle and equipment usage, as well as whether to purchase more or improve equipment. unload.

Although the fleet tracking service is not required to purchase the asset tracking service, subscribers to both services have the added benefit of being able to view their vehicles as well as their motorized equipment on one integrated map.

Lytx Fleet Tracking Service

Asset Tracking is the latest offering to join Lytx’s fleet management products. Customers looking to streamline their fleet management solutions under one platform can add Lytx’s Asset Tracking Service and Fleet Tracking Service. For fleet managers who need to regularly access fleet status, manage driver efficiency, and keep their vehicles in top condition, Lytx Fleet Tracking Service offers seamless setup.

Video-enhanced, Lytx’s GPS fleet tracking software makes it easy for businesses to manage and monitor their vehicles and assets in the field so they can respond faster, get more work done, reduce theft, and improve customer satisfaction. With a GPS-enabled device installed, fleet managers can gain visibility into arrival, idle and departure times, enabling faster decision-making and lower fuel costs.

The Lytx fleet tracking service can be customized to meet any fleet need, including defining defined areas called geofences, setting up interactive maps, and analyzing specific trends and performance. Video-enabled devices can improve asset tracking by providing video evidence to help protect drivers and reduce collision claim costs, as well as supporting damage or equipment incident investigations missing.

New maintenance enhancements are in development and will be added to Lytx’s fleet tracking service later this year. These new features include:

  • Support for DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) for heavy vehicles – With light vehicle support and upcoming heavy vehicle support, Lytx DTC Insights can identify potential vehicle malfunctions and help managers fix problems before they become more dangerous and costly.
  • Preventive maintenance by schedule – Fleet managers will be able to configure and schedule vehicle maintenance intervals with due dates set by calendar day. This can help perform time-based vehicle maintenance, which can lead to fewer vehicle breakdowns.
  • Preventive maintenance by engine hours – Managers will also be able to track engine hours and have the ability to schedule maintenance based on engine hours, which can help measure wear and tear on vehicles.

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