Maintenance debts: is it possible to get a loan?

Maintenance debts: is it possible to get a loan?

Debts are a serious problem for many Poles. This causes a lot of inconvenience: the need to repay the liability together with all costs accrued because of the delay, the bailiff’s property seizure of the debtor, attachment of remuneration and the inability to obtain a loan or even a loan from a non-bank company. The situation is no different in the case of maintenance debtors, of which there are almost 200,000 in Poland. It is harder for them to get out of debt, as the law treats them more severely. A loan without KRD to pay maintenance can help them. What conditions must be met to receive it?


The maintenance debtor will not avoid liability

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A new law has been in force in Poland since 2017, according to which the maintenance debtor may face serious consequences. If the maintenance debtor works (and, unfortunately, many of them try to avoid payments by choosing a “black job”), then the bailiff will certainly take his salary. If it is permanent employment, based on an employment contract, it cannot be fully occupied, because even in such a situation the debtor is protected by the Labor Code. After all, the attachment amount will be higher than for a debtor who, for example, did not repay the loan. The salary can be taken in the amount of 60% and it does not matter in what amount it is. Even if it is at the level of the minimum wage, the bailiff is still entitled to take this 60%. In a situation where the debtor earns e.g. $ 1,000 (i.e. below the national minimum), $ 600 will be deducted from him. The maintenance debtor must also reckon with the fact that the debt will arise as soon as he fails to pay three times the awarded maintenance.


Payday loans for the maintenance debtor?

Payday loans for the maintenance debtor?

The maintenance debtor has virtually no chance of getting a bank loan. He appears in the KRD, he is struggling with a bailiff’s seizure, and in addition he has a reduced credit rating due to this seizure. So he turns to non-bank loan companies, which often offer loans without BIK or loans without KRD, and even bailiff seizure. Can they really help him?

In the article “Loan for the indebted – what conditions must be met?” We discussed in more detail what conditions must be met to obtain a loan without KRD and where you can look for financing in this case. However, we must point out that people with non-maintenance debt were treated, and thus at least theoretically in a better position. We remind you that these conditions were:

  • stable employment;
  • high income;
  • pledge;
  • guarantee.

What does the debtor’s situation look like against them? Not good, but not hopeless. Let’s consider the above conditions in the context of maintenance debt. As with ordinary debt, a lot depends on how much the debt is. A small maintenance debt can be quickly and easily paid out of your salary, so it won’t be a problem to get rid of it quickly.

The maintenance debtor will be in a favorable situation if he earns a lot and even after the bailiff has taken up 60% of his salary, he will have the amount allowing him to incur liabilities in virtually every company offering loans without KRD. It is worse if he gets a few hundred zlotys after he is seized. He can then count on financing in this type of institutions, but they will certainly not be large amounts, and certainly not those that will allow him to repay his debt freely. He can then apply for a loan with a surety or a loan against collateral, which were discussed in the said article.


Payday loans without KRD – where can I get them?

Payday loans

If only the remaining part of the salary is not minimal, and the maintenance debtor has adequate creditworthiness, he can apply for a loan without KRD to one of the non-bank companies. Interestingly, most of the loan offers without verification in the debtors’ registers are typical payday loans. On the other hand, installment loans without KRD are less available, unless these are loans with a guarantor. Either way, the maintenance debtor can seek help at the following companies:

  • SilverOn,
  • Quickie Money,
  • Silarium,
  • Extra S-Wallet,
  • Bit Credit,
  • SoroCredit,
  • Livus,
  • Moloan,
  • Smartest Loan,
  • Kuku.


What should you watch out for loans without KRD?

What should you watch out for loans without KRD?

The mere availability of loans for indebted people is already a great convenience. However, not always the fact that they will be available must mean that they should be enlisted. Another commitment for a person in debt can only worsen problems that the maintenance debtor has a lot of. Other issues should also be considered.

First of all, loans without KRDs are usually a more expensive form of financing, as they must somehow offset the risk incurred by the loan company. Secondly, maintenance debts can be really high – it is estimated that on average there is over $ 30,000 for one maintenance debtor in Poland! So you need to realize that payday pay may not help or be a drop in the ocean of needs.

As you can see – loans for KRD are not for everyone like any other loan. But in many situations it can be a way out of a crisis situation and help in a difficult period. Therefore, every borrower should think about whether he should take a payday loan without KRD and whether he can really help him.