Measured results: taking proactive steps to help business owners raise their taxes


Statistics show that while there are over 40,000 CPA firms in the United States, the majority of these entities simply go back over their clients’ tax records and calculate how much they owe. But the measured results go beyond what a regular CPA firm does in helping small business owners pay as little tax legally as possible through a platform of effective tax planning and coaching strategies.

Measured Results, currently led by Tyler McBroom, is an industry leader providing a variety of services that assist business owners across the country. Although their main services, including annual tax returns, monthly bookkeepingg, and payroll services for small businesses, are recognized for setting an exemplary standard, the company is best known for its effective tax planning services and virtual coaching programs for CFOs. The seasoned professionals of Measured Results do not limit their perspective to what is visible to the naked eye and always opt for proactive solutions by anticipating the tax situation of their clients and evaluating their financial performance using a personalized approach to management. their clients’ taxes, ensuring the process and goal are aligned with their vision. Through its creative tax planning strategies, Measured Results has fostered a partnership with world-renowned personal development coach Tony Robbins as the official US firm in the Tony Robbins Global Accounting Advisors alliance.

The measured results were founded by Byron McBroom. His son, Tyler McBroom, who grew up learning the ropes, became a partner in 2016. As the company successfully achieved annual sales of over $ 700,000, Tyler knew he was there was still room for huge growth. He had the vision to transform the business into one that truly helps business owners on their entrepreneurial journey. With new ideas, he evolved what his father had started from a four-person company to one that has three offices and today employs more than 42 professionals. Measured results are also close to reaching $ 5 million in annual revenue at the date of this publication. Since its transformation, the company has received several distinctions. It was hailed as a QuickBooks Firm of the Future for Medium and Large Businesses by Inuit in 2018 and was named one of the 20 Best Accounting Firms to Work for by Accounting Today in 2020. Tyler was also hired by QuickBooks l last year to represent their campaign in their new QuickBooks payroll program. The partner also published their bestselling book earlier this year titled Cash flow and growth, in which it teaches business owners how build sustainable habits and routines in their companies. The book reached number one in four categories on Amazon and landed a spot among the Top 500 Books on Kindle.

The outcomes measured include how effective tax planning and coaching play an important role in their clients’ success. Measured outcomes pave the way for more growth and opportunity through effective planning strategies, especially in the midst of the pandemic, without compromising integrity and recognizing the important role taxes play for the country.


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