More than $ 700,000 in CARES projects in Lewisburg continue

Lewisburg’s CARES-funded projects for more than $ 700,000 continue, according to an update from City Manager Misty Hill on Oct. 19.

Thanks to the CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) Act of 2020, towns in Greenbrier County were reimbursed as employees continued to do their jobs and the town spent money on health precautions public between March 1, 2020 and December 30, 2020.

In July, Hill explained that the city had to spend the funds by December 31, 2021. At the time, council member John Little noted “If we don’t use it, we’ll lose it.” At the October Lewisburg City Council meeting, many projects progressed well.

“It’s unfortunate how we got this money, because of COVID, but every city is blessed with some things that it couldn’t do,” Mayor Beverly White said. “Thank you very much to all of you for all your hard work. “

Lewisburg approved a spending plan for the $ 726,537.01 in CARES Act funding in July.

Hill highlighted the progress of a long list of CARES Act projects, including:

– An AstroTurf baseball field has already been completed at Hollowell Park.

The AstroTurf field.

Hill explained each project in detail:

– “In the [City Hall] renovation, we found that a good thing with [turning] shutting down Stratton Alley — City Hall feeds the red light on route 219. That said, we have our generator. It’s in place, but we haven’t put it in place. A good thing about having a generator for town hall is that we’ll always have a red light running there.

– “For the canoes of the ballpark and the ADA bathroom, we are at 85% completion – we are waiting for a chopper for the septic tank. I let you discover what a helicopter is. … the door locks [have] been ordered. We are waiting for the installation.

– “The running lights are over. We got a huge compliment [from] anyone who uses this walking track at night… because when you walk it gets brighter and then it keeps getting brighter. I guess it’s like cheering you on.

– “The next thing [for the] The pickleball court must pave the field. It is four layers of paving that will go on this ground,… one layer at a time. Then they have to laser the yard, [then] apply the second layer laser set and make it look beautiful. It is in progress. … We received $ 10,000 last Thursday from the Pickleball group. We are preparing to secure an additional $ 50,000 Monday from the Pickleball Group. They’re also planning to do a big upgrade to the flowers, trees, and shrubs around the pickleball court. “

More skatepark equipment and a new Pickleball court are coming.

– “The lighting of the batting cages [has] been completed. For Pickleball lighting, the conduits have been installed, we are just waiting for the electrician to come and assemble everything. And the same goes for the skatepark.

– “Paving equipment [has arrived] and it is to make the lining and the stripes in the streets of the city.

– “The two canoes for softball – we have one finish and, for the other, the plate has been cast. We are waiting for fencing.

– “The two football platforms are finished, but we are waiting for the weather to deteriorate a little before being able to demolish the old one. We just have a lot of other projects that we need [public works crew’s] times the… We can do it later.

– “Football storage and mini shelter [are nearly done] if you’ve been there it’s almost under the roof, it’s superb. So that was cool. “

The new storage building and the stands for the hill are underway.

– To ‘winterize the bathroom’ the plan is to ‘work on it but we’re trying to get all the other stuff, the flooring and everything’, finish first.

– No more compensation related to the COVID-19 pandemic for city employees is no longer expected without another bill. Hill explained “We are no longer enforcing COVID sickness benefits. The risk premium has already been distributed. Then the reimbursement supplies have already been made. Computers are already [upgraded]. “

– “We were able to secure funding for the skatepark edition of the ramp. I spoke with Grant Burton our insurance agent and all we have to do is put up some proper signage. And he really wanted a 5ft platform when they go up and down the ramp that gives them enough space. This gives it 9 feet from the platform to the fence line. So we were able to sort it out. [Public Works Director Tony Legg] and I worked with the parents at the skatepark to really work together to make this happen for the kids. We were able to fund it at $ 15,000, but it got to $ 24,000, so the parents of skateboarders raised $ 9,000 within hours. It was a very quick fundraiser.

After rejecting the last $ 100,000 allocated for a broadband improvement project, Hill said “this brings us to the total of all remaining funds. [equaling] zero. We have in that a reservation on city hall at $ 44,106.45. Hill also noted that she was “just really excited – COVID has been really hard on everyone, but having the CARES Act has been amazing for our parks because we don’t normally have these funds.” I am grateful that the councils have agreed to do all of this.

Hill also noted that the city had “a claim for the workers – an employee had really serious poison ivy [while cleaning the park fence. They] unfortunately had to see a doctor for this, but [they] had all poison ivy removed. … It looks good. They are doing a great job.

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