NCCI sets 2020 COVID-19 competition losses at $ 260 million

Workers’ compensation losses in 2020 on 45,000 COVID-19-related claims totaled $ 260 million, according to data released Wednesday by the National Compensation Insurance Board.

Figures exclude self-insureds and only take into account the 36 states where NCCI provides underwriting services.

The NCCI said in its report that COVID-19 claims could potentially result in lost workers’ wages exceeding $ 500 million over the duration of the pandemic.

To date, nursing / convalescent home workers, other healthcare workers and first responders have collectively accounted for over 75% of all COVID-19 claims reported to the NCCI. Workers in the restaurant, construction operations, distribution and retail industries collectively accounted for 14% of reported COVID-19 claims, according to data.

For a separate report on the medical severity of COVID-19 released on Wednesday, the NCCI analyzed 5,198 medical transactions related to COVID-19 reported from January 1, 2020 to March 29, 2021, and found that 3,629 were classified as “mild.” , requiring some medical treatment but not hospitalization; 621 were “moderate”, requiring a hospital stay without an intensive care unit or ventilation; and 171 were “severe”, requiring a hospital stay involving the ICU and / or ventilation.

More news on insurance and workplace accidents on the coronavirus crisis here.

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