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Goodbye autumn

Fall party

Il Mercato harbored buzz and social unrest on a recent Wednesday evening, when supporters gathered for Fall Fiesta on behalf of Eden House, “a movement to end the trafficking and sale of human beings.” “Building Dreams” is the title of the annual fundraiser. President Kara Van de Carr (accompanied by the husband Daryl Byrd) and vice-president Catherine Green (with Walt) are the founders of EH, and Gina Rachel, Erin Luetkemeier and interim executive director Peggy Babin Indest, the respective treasurer, vice-treasurer and secretary.

The theme, Fall Fiesta, set a sartorial note and a number of attendees followed suit. For the musical aspect, Mariachi Jalisco of Baton Rouge added a lively note in the courtyard, under the stars. Complementing the fashions and music were the upbeat and colorful flowers and table decorations of Mardi Gras House.

Sipping on the excitement came via the signature Raw Silk cocktail, designed by Restaurant Saffron, while Joel Catering, “Il Mercato’s sister company,” provided the evening’s appetizers. Thank you tapped Sazerac Company for the alcohol and The Wine Seller for the winey delights. More taste treats were the snapper ceviche, a guacamole station, and a taco bar.

As the keynote speaker, Kenneth Poli, Assistant Attorney General of the Criminal Division of the US Department of Justice, addressed the issue of human trafficking and applauded Eden House’s efforts. The interactive registry, a highlight, provides assistance to residents of the EH during their recovery; Those who gave it received the custom India Stewart lotus ornaments. Participants included Kim and Neil Abramson, Peggy and Jack Laborde, the Greens, Courtney and Louis Freeman, Carroll Suggs, State Rep. Aimée Adatto Freeman, Police Commissioner Shaun Ferguson, Calvin and Frances Fayard and former president of the municipal council Stacy’s Head with Jeremy. Additional funds were raised through the live auction, led by Marc Romig, with, as donors, Friend & Company (vintage earrings), Ashley longshore (butterfly art), and the Court of Windsor, Arnaud and Galatoire. All, gracias!

Where there is thrill there is “Hemingway”

Presented by the Oscar J. Tolmas Charitable Trust, WYES PBS took a global turn with its fundraiser, “Hemingway’s Worlds”, using some of its best tracks, such as “The Old Man and the Sea” and “A Moveable Feast,” as categories of patrons. Various venues on the TV station housed the fun.

Gratitude galore went to the president couples event Amanda and Ryan Berger, Jennifer and Fred Heebe and Lori and Bobby Savoie (in absentia); dozens of patrons, ranging from Vanessa and Chad Berg at Susan and Pierre Villere; Celebrate! Events organized by the Windsor Court; the drink providers Sazerac Company, Crescent Crown Distributing and Bizou Wines; and the performers of The Boogie Men gala, sponsored by LCI Workers Comp. The Orpheum sponsored the online auction of 95 premium items.

Headliners included WYES board chair Lori Savoie with his daughter Mallory, vice-president Mark Romig and David Briggs, President and CEO of WYES Robin Cooper, Tony and Dana Adams, Karen and Henry Coaxum, Markey and Len Aucoin, Michelle and Bill Dodenhoff, Lisa and Philip Lapeyre, Colleen and Scott Levy, Cynthia and Robert LeBreton, Anne and Edmund Redd, Sophie and Casey Burka, Allison and Shane Kupperman, Tony and Katherine gelderman, and some Perlis family, siblings David and Sharon, and David and Suzanne. Everyone was on board for the whirlwind of “Worlds” and its eye-catching decor (Eiffel Tower, splendid light garlands, funky Cuban cabin); thematic food ranges; creations of a cartoonist; and indirect trips to France, Spain, Cuba / Key West and Africa. Let’s go!

Churchill Friendliness

“I can’t wait to say ‘Welcome! ” “, wrote J. Gregg Collins in preparation for the dinner in honor of the 147th anniversary of the birth of Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill. That wish came true at the New Orleans Country Club when Collins, president of the Churchill Society of New Orleans, hosted attendees for, perhaps, the largest gathering ever. The members of society were eager to be together; hear Anthony tucker jones (with Amelie) talk about and purchase his book “Churchill: Master and Commander, Winston Churchill at War 1895-1945”; and applaud the singers of Loyola, Frank Covit, Kameron Lopreore and Spencer Reichman. Carol rausch introduced them and played the piano for their war songs. A four-course meal, starting with a Gulf Coast chowder and ending with a white chocolate bread pudding, satiated the palate.

Company officers and board members were in attendance: Collins, Christopher Tidmore, Edward F. “Ted” Martin, William D. “Bill” Reeves, Ben Capshaw, Jacqueline Gamble, Hill Riddle Jr., Betsy Stout, John M. Wilson and Walter Wolf, and the Orlin Corey Circle, Anne (Mrs. Herschel L. Jr.) Abbott, Shirley Trusty (Mrs. Orlin) Corey, les Emmanuel Blessey, Rand and Terry Voorhies (both MD) and Ms. Andrew T. Whitley. Still others were Robert E. Young, Sandy Villere, John Arnold Hotard, Robert Trentham McCarthy, Edward Trentham McCarthy, Rennie W. Culver, William M. Long, William “Bill” Allerton III, Michelle Braden, John and Eddie Wilson, Kris Capshaw with Ben, Tom and Charlotte Mabry, and Sally K. Reeves with Bill. Everyone savored Winston’s wisdom.

Hello 97 years!

The New Orleans Bar Association’s annual dinner meet was held at the Ritz-Carlton hotel with a changing of the guard. Peter E. Sperling was presented as Chairman of the Board of Directors 2021-2022, succeeding Guillaume B. Gaudet. Jan M. Hayden is the elected president, and the new leaders are Kelly G. Juneau Rookard, Thomas M. Flanagan, Cayce C. Peterson, Eva J. Dossier and Stephen J. Herman. More names to know are Eric Winder Sella, President of the Executive Council of the Section of Young Lawyers and Managers Cassie P. Gailmor, Gerard J. Gaudet, Katherine L. Swartout, Jennifer Gordon Lampton and Ashley J. Becnel.

Angelina Christine is president of the New Orleans Bar Foundation with Colleen C. Jarrott as vice president.

In the assembly of 250 were the Justice of the Supreme Court of Louisiana Piper D. Griffin, winner of the Arceneaux Professionalism Prize Sharonda R. Williams, NOBA Inn of Court President Christopher K. Ralston, and members in their fifties (lawyers who have practiced for half a century). Countless others, too, who admired the centerpieces, dined on salad, chicken breast and mousse, and congratulated a smiling Sperling.

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