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Posted on: December 3, 2021

Washington workers compensation rates to rise in 2022

Employers and employees will have to pay about 3.1% more for workers’ compensation insurance for hours worked in 2022, the State Department of Labor and Industry said. Workers’ compensation claims related to COVID-19 were not taken into account when calculating rates for 2022, according to the agency. The 3.1 percent increase is an average rather than a general increase. Olympian

Louisiana Workforce Commission drafts new medical billing rules for workers’ compensation

The Louisiana Workforce Board is drafting new guidelines for workers’ compensation claims in an effort to contain rising costs for outpatient medical services. Louisiana’s tariff structure for worker compensation is 27 years old and ignores most of today’s modern medical procedures or the shift to outpatient surgeries, according to an official. Louisiana Highlighter

Woman bitten by patient says she was fired for seeking reward for workers

A woman has filed a lawsuit in Leon County, Florida, alleging she was fired after filing a workers’ compensation claim in connection with an injury she suffered when a patient left her. bit and hit in an incident in 2020. Florida Record

Extension of the COVID-19 ETS comment period

Fed-OSHA has extended the comment period for the temporary emergency COVID-19 vaccination and testing standard until January 19, 2022, an additional 45 days to give stakeholders more time to review the ETS and collect the information and data necessary for comments. School manager

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