NHS Scotland and Microsoft develop QR Code contract tracking system

NHS Scotland has worked with Microsoft to develop a tracking and tracking system for businesses as Covid restrictions continue to be relaxed.

The partnership saw the development of applications and QR code features aimed at contact tracing.

Businesses can upload their own QR code so that site visitors can scan it and go to the government website to provide their contact details.

With this app, users can save their details and not have to fill out a form every time they visit a new place.

Deryck Mitchelson, director of digital and security at NHS Scotland, said:

“But a lot of companies are not ready to deal with this data collection and process the data when NHS Scotland needs to track someone and provide the security necessary to retrieve it. Some people have used pen and paper to record this information, but it’s not ideal.

“The QR code solution is transparent and takes the hassle out of business owners. They sign up for the initiative and place the QR code poster in a workspace that customers can scan. There is nothing else to do and it’s great. You can focus on providing services. “

QR codes offer a faster and more reliable way to track contracts. Without a digital solution, following up a Covid-19 patient can be a lengthy and unreliable manual process. The NHS tracker calls the business visited by the patient and details the person’s contact details. And you’ve got to find the details of everyone else that was there that day.

Digitally collecting visitor details using a QR code makes it quick and easy to locate people who may have been exposed to the virus.

“We know that delayed contact tracing can help spread the virus. If it takes three days to contact someone, that person can be infected with the virus and spread it. Mitchellson added.

“If a patient scans a QR code, they can figure out the patient’s whereabouts within minutes. The faster the tracking and tracing, the faster the transmission chain can be disconnected. “

The QR code contact information is sent directly to the NHS Scotland cloud data lake running on Microsoft Azure. The data is fully encrypted and is only available to NHS Scottish contact tracers who have the correct digital key.

You must obtain approval to access the data and you can only view the information that you have requested. The system is fully auditable and shows what information has been accessed and when. The data will be deleted automatically after a certain number of days.

Microsoft is only a cloud platform provider and does not have access to any data stored on the NHS Scotland platform.

“NHS Scotland has created a QR code solution to help you quickly identify where your Covid-19 patients have visited,” said Michael Wignall, Azure Business Leader at Microsoft UK.

“By using Microsoft Azure, NHS Scotland can be confident that the solution is hosted on a reliable, resilient and secure cloud platform that enables healthcare professionals to collect data. We are happy to be working with NHS Scotland to provide such an essential service to the masses. “

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