Pak approves $11.6m compensation for Chinese workers affected by Dasu Dam terror attack

Under pressure from Beijing, Pakistan’s Economic Coordinating Committee (ECC) has approved $11.6 million in compensation to families of Chinese workers killed and injured in the Dasu Dam terrorist attack in July 2021 The dispute between Islamabad and Beijing over the safety of Chinese contractors and workers and the lack of compensation for victims of the Dasu Dam terrorist attack has become a major irritant in their bilateral relations.

The Dasu hydroelectric project is financed by the World Bank and does not fall within the scope of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The decision was taken at an ECC meeting chaired by Pakistani Finance Minister Shaukat Tarin, Samaa TV reported.

Analysts believe that Chinese companies, whether public or private, are putting pressure on the arms, with Chinese authorities relying on Islamabad, according to the Hongkong Post. Today, the Chinese electricity company is demanding from Pakistan six times the compensation it would have paid to its employees if the incident had occurred in China, according to the Hongkong Post.

Pakistan is to pay China millions or billions once converted into its rupee, as compensation in hopes of removing “a major irritant in bilateral relations”. They range from 4.6 million USD (810 million Rs) to 20.3 million USD (3.6 billion Rs). Notably, after the terror attack, Chinese workers temporarily stopped work and demanded $37 million in compensation, the Hong Kong Post reported.

In addition, the 4,320 MW Dasu hydroelectric project is financed by the World Bank and does not fall under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Amid China’s growing dominance in Pakistan, officials said on Tuesday that more than 5 million Chinese nationals will work in the Islamic country by 2025.

The remarks came from a senior Pakistani public health expert during an interview with News International, where he also said that the health needs of these workers can only be met by strengthening collaboration between universities. Pakistani and Chinese medical, research institutes and biotech companies under China’s umbrella. Pakistan Health Corridor (CPHC). (ANI)

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