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By: Mark Glennon

Despite Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul’s insistence that his office “refer” a politically sensitive allegation of workers’ compensation fraud to an appellate prosecutor, no such order has been made. was issued by a court. This is the last we heard of the Jenny Thornley saga, which was reported by The Center Square ten days ago. To our knowledge, nothing else has happened.

Raoul’s and Governor JB Pritzker’s smug and misleading responses are infuriating, as is the media’s docile complacency about it.

Few cases would seem to demand more accountability than that of former Pritzker campaign operative Thornley. She based her workers’ compensation claim on the harm she allegedly suffered as a result of sexual harassment as a state employee. But the harassment never happened according to the findings of an independent investigation that concluded at a cost to taxpayers of more than $500,000.

More importantly, the awarding of the claim was facilitated by the governor’s office, according to two lawsuits and extensive documentary evidence.

The last time we heard from Pritzker was earlier this month, when all he said was that he knew nothing but what he had read in the newspapers. and that “the truth is that if anyone committed workers’ compensation fraud, he should be held accountable.”

And the last time we heard from Raoul was on August 17, when he provided the same answers which are inconsistent and totally unconvincing. Again, only The Center Square covered his comments:

“We are in conflict,” Raoul told The Center Square. “There are only a limited number of times I can say this.”

Documents show Raoul’s office told the Sangamon County prosecutor that he did not have original jurisdiction in the case. In the civil lawsuit, Raoul’s office requested the dismissal, saying they had investigated the case and it wasn’t worth the state’s time. Last month Raoul said there was a “typical conflict” and they referred the case to the special prosecutor.

“And so, that’s it, there’s nothing else to say about it,” Raoul said. “Thank you for your questions.”

Raoul refused to answer any further questions.

But the only conflict of interest that was reported applied solely to the Sangamon County state’s attorney due to an unrelated case in which the state’s attorney actually represents Thornley. Raoul’s office has no apparent conflict of interest. He never explained it either or presented it in court.

And Raoul had claimed earlier that he had “referred the matter” to the Illinois appellate attorney’s office to deal with it. However, a later email from a manager said they had no idea.

Raoul and Pritzker mock reporter who asked about Thornley

The mainstream media continues to completely ignore the Jenny Thornley case. They only asked the question once, when Pritzker and Raoul literally laughed at the question and Raoul continued to provide his seemingly bogus excuses for doing nothing. But there were no sequels in the press other than The Center Square.

It’s Illinois. No Liability. Not for the suspected fraudster or those running things.

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*Mark Glennon is the founder of Wirepoints.

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