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The North Carolina Superior Court Clerks’ Conference has been in existence for over 100 years and, for the first time, a Currituck County clerk is the chair. Currituck County Superior Court Clerk Ray Matusko was sworn in as the new conference chair in a ceremony Sept. 23 in Beaufort.

When the conference was established in 1917, it was called the Association of Superior Court Clerks. The association was renamed in 2006 and is made up of the 100 elected clerks of the superior court of North Carolina. It strives to improve public accessibility to courts and serves as a resource for court clerks through training, legislative updates and court administration.

Matusko’s appointment as president culminates in a five-year engagement during which he served one year each as secretary, treasurer, second vice president and first vice president. He was sworn in before Chief Justice Paul Newby of the North Carolina Supreme Court.

“I am honored to have been chosen by my fellow Superior Court clerks to lead our conference,” said Matusko. “And I am very proud to be the first Currituck County Clerk to serve as President.”

Pictured, left to right, are Ike McRee, Owen Etheridge, Renee Etheridge, Paul Newby, Mike Payment, Ray Matusko, Kevin McCord, Bobby Hanig and Matt Beickert. Courtesy of Currituck County

Matusko has been the Clerk of the Superior Court of Currituck for 11 years, having been first elected in 2010. The Clerk’s Office is responsible for the administrative, clerical and record-keeping functions of the district and superior courts. . He has many judicial functions, such as matters relating to probate of wills and administration of estates. Among other duties, he presides over adoption and guardianship procedures, foreclosures, boundary disputes, name changes and motor vehicle privileges.

“I have a fantastic team of dedicated professionals,” said Matusko. “We take great pride in providing exemplary customer service and equal access to the courts for the public. “

Prior to his election as clerk, Matusko served in the Currituck County Sheriff’s Office. The contacts and friendships he has made over time now help him in his current position and he enjoys an excellent working relationship with the Council of Commissioners, a press release from Currituck County said. Mike Payment, Chairman of the Council of Commissioners, attended Currituck County High School with Matusko and has known him for many years.

“I couldn’t be happier for Ray. He does a lot for this county and is well respected statewide, ”said Payment.

Commissioner Kevin McCord has also known Matusko for a long time and worked with him in the sheriff’s office. McCord supported Matusko during his election campaigns for the clerk position and, like Payment, expressed his pride that Matusko was recognized statewide.

“I’ve known Ray for over 30 years and he has shown that with hard work you can do it all,” McCord said.

A contingent of Currituck County officials traveled to Beaufort for Matusko’s swearing-in ceremony in a strong show of county support. The group included Payment, McCord, Commissioner Owen Etheridge, Sheriff Matt Beickert and County Director / Acting County Lawyer Ike McRee. North Carolina Representative Bobby Hanig, former Currituck County Commissioner, also attended the ceremony.

“Ray has given Currituck a great deal through his service and leadership,” Etheridge said. “And he’s there with his staff every day to get the job done.”


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