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BOULDER – Registration is open for the IQ Awards, which honor the “innovation quotient” among companies in Boulder Valley and northern Colorado.

Launched in 2000, the IQ Awards recognize innovative companies and organizations based in Boulder, Broomfield, Larimer and Weld counties and in the US Highway 36 corridor, as well as local divisions of national and international companies that have played a decisive role in the development of the most innovative products and services.

Finalists from seven categories will be presented at the IQ Awards, which will be held at the Boulder JCC, 6007 Oleg Ave., from 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. on December 9.

The finalists in the different categories include:

Aerospace, manufacturing and robotics

Opterus R&D Inc., Loveland – Opterus collapsible tubular lattice masts enable the placement of large-scale, high-volume space-based solar panels and structures.

PickNik Inc., Boulder – MoveIt Studio is robotic manipulator interface software that allows human operators to perform more complex tasks. The company’s approach supports a wide range of unstructured and high latency environments such as urban areas, building interiors, microgravity and the submarine.

Vita Inclinata Technologies Inc., Broomfield – Stability systems to help helicopter operators transport cargo loads safely under adverse conditions.

Commercial products and services

Airius LLC, Longmont – The PureAir series of fans use Need Point Bipolar Ionization technology from Global Plasma Solutions to continuously deliver circulating ionized air into a room.

Clear Comfort Water Inc., Louisville – Clear Comfort’s patented advanced oxidation treatment systems minimize exposure to toxic pool and spa chemicals and harmful disinfection by-products.

Lariat Marketing Hub, Loveland – Software as a service platform designed for marketers looking to save time and increase productivity, with project tracking, time tracking, digital asset management and management prospects.

Cannabis & Agriculture

Lifetonic, Boulder – LifeTonic converts the extracted plant compounds into salts, which dissolve immediately. LifeTonic’s ionized cannabis products enter the bloodstream immediately after consumption and prevent travel of the stomach and liver.

Urban-gro Inc., Lafayette – urban-gro has expanded into the sub-segment of environmentally controlled vertical agriculture, which is ultimately and primarily used for growing a variety of crops including leafy greens, herbs, cucumbers, peppers and strawberries.

Wana Brands, Boulder – Wana Quick fast acting gums provide Delta-9 THC effects similar to inhaled cannabis with an onset time of just five to 15 minutes and an average lag time of just three hours.

Energy and utilities

Gridmetrics Inc., Louisville – Gridmetrics’ Power Event Notification System (PENS) uses a unique data set to provide near real-time hyperlocal information on the availability and quality of grid power in analyzing its network of around 300,000 power sensors every five minutes.

Maplewell Inc., Boulder – Maplewell is focused on decentralized energy, transforming military, government and industrial infrastructure with AI and digital twins to maximize operational resilience, reliability and efficiency in a carbon-free energy future.

YES Energy LLC, Boulder – Yes Energy has launched Position Management, a consolidated turnkey solution for the Middle Office to oversee trading performance and manage risk for all trading activities in the Nodal energy market.

Health care

Origin Healthcare Inc., Fort Collins – Origin Healthcare is a new model of hospital care. Rather than going to the hospital for an acute illness, patients can now be cared for at home.

Quorum Prosthetics Inc., Windsor – Quorum Prosthetics has developed the Quatro, a prosthetic socket design that allows for easier prosthesis application and release, while increasing user comfort and performance. The socket is the device that connects its limb to the rest of the prosthesis.

ROLL Recovery LLC, Boulder – Created by athletes, for athletes, the new R8 Plus is a deep tissue massage tool.

Life sciences

Aspero Medical Inc., Boulder – Aspero Medical’s first product, the Ancora balloon overtube, features recently patented Pillar balloon texturing technology. Ancora silicone balloons reduce slippage and increase purchase during gastrointestinal endoscopy procedures.

Laporte Immunotherapeutics Inc., Broomfield – Laporte Immunotherapeutics is developing new immunotherapeutic eye drops (Ocummune) technology to treat chronic eye herpesvirus infections (herpes simplex and shingles) as well as ocular surface neoplasia (OSSN) involving the cornea.

Lightdeck Diagnostics, Boulder – Taking advantage of a precise but little-known laser technology called planar waveguide, LightDeck’s platform offers laboratory-grade on-site diagnostics for COVID-19 antigens and antibodies, which can be deployed almost anywhere, from emergency services, to nursing homes, schools and airports.

Natural & Organic

Frescos Naturales, Boulder – Frescos Naturales are savory, low-sugar, real fruit refreshments inspired by vibrant Latin American cultures, modern taste and traditional aguas frescas.

Future Fit Foods LLC, Longmont – Les Suppas are a line of instantly fresh plant-based soups crafted into mini-meals for everyday convenience.

Terraseed Inc., Boulder – Terraseed manufactures sustainably sourced vegan supplements packaged in the world’s first fully biodegradable pill bottle aimed at supporting human health and the health of the planet.

Several companies will also participate in a pitch slam event, presented to a panel of judges, with the public voting on the “Innovation of the year”.

Tickets for the event are $ 29.49 for BizWest subscribers and $ 39.49 for non-subscribers through December 2. After this date, the general admission price will be in effect, $ 39.49 for subscribers and $ 49.49 for non-subscribers. Tickets can be purchased here.

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