Rob Gronkowski of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

TAMPA, Fla – Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski said the “arrow was pointing upwards” at him to play against the New York Giants on Monday night after missing five games this season due to ribs. cracked lungs, a punctured lung and back spasms.

Gronkowski trained in full on Thursday and Friday for the first time since suffering his injuries, saying they were “crucial steps” in his recovery.

“It’s going well now here. I’ve just had two practice sessions in a row. The arrow is pointing up to play this week, and I hope it’s gone,” said Gronkowski, speaking to the media on Friday for the first time in two months.

Coach Bruce Arians echoed Gronkowski’s comments, adding that the tight end “looks better and better.”

Gronkowski injured his ribs in Week 3 of the Los Angeles Rams.

“The next day was the worst,” Gronkowski said of his injury. “I’ve never been shot before, but that’s kind of how I felt.”

He tried to come back in Week 8 in New Orleans, but only managed five shots before leaving in the first quarter due to back spasms. After the Buccaneers’ exemption, he missed last week’s loss to Washington.

“I just wanna go out there. I wanna help guys. I wanna go out and play like I was at the start of the year,” said Gronkowski, who led the NFL with four touchdowns in the two. first weeks of the season. “Get a few first downs, get a few touchdowns, just help the offense throughout the game – and that’s the goal.”

Despite his long history of injuries, which includes three back surgeries and a one-year retirement in 2019, Gronkowski said he was not worried about the injury which could be “the one” that will take him out of football altogether.

“No, I’m just adding that to the CV,” he said with a chuckle. “When I’m done someday, I can go through them all and tell my kids. You know how kids are. Someday you can have them, they can cry about a bump, and I can be. like, ‘I had this, that and the other, don’t worry. But definitely, I’m going to sit there and say, “Cheers! everyone … someday. But the summary of breaking stuff and all of that is pretty far up there.

Gronkowski also jokingly said, “I’m definitely going to have to classify this one too, as part of the worker count. I think the NFL after I finish is scared. Workers’ comp, I’m coming for you guys.”

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