‘Rust’ crew member could lose arm due to spider bite on set


Meanwhile, other stakeholders have also expressed concern for Miller.

“Horrible situation with a brown recluse spider bite while wrapping Rust. This time just an accident – doesn’t appear to be negligence. Poor brother had a 9/10 chance it was benign, but he was unlucky because he was getting necrotic. They are fighting to save his arm, “Loren Felix Kelly, who works with the IATSE Local 488 union, said via Facebook.” Stay safe my friend. asks if an incident report has been made and if the comp workers will help with the treatment Remember to always report an injury, even if it looks like nothing.

“This is definitely a recordable incident in my opinion, workers’ compensation insurance should cover it,” said Rickey Lepinski, who works with Starsite Safety and Compliance and IATSE Local 488 Studio Mechanics of the Pacific Northwest. .


The brown recluse spider is known to occur in eastern New Mexico, along the Pecos River valley and east of Texas, according to the Museum of Southwestern Biology.

Although brown recluse bites are rare, their venom is dangerous. Bites usually result in skin lesions that do not heal for long periods of time. Secondary bacterial infections are another threat to bite lesions, he says.


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