Smart technologies are fueling a booming fitness campaign

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Online platforms give fans more choices for sporting events

Fitness enthusiasts in China are experiencing a change in their sports habits due to the rapid development of online platforms and the use of smart technologies.

These enthusiasts are now wearing smart gadgets to track body reaction during workouts, making personalized fitness plans on smart apps, and learning about smart fitness equipment.

A recently opened smart running track in Beijing’s Olympic Forest Park, a favorite destination for local running enthusiasts, is a good example of how smart technologies are improving the sports experience for the public.

Runners on the track acquire a range of data, including information about who is currently using the track, real-time temperature and weather reports, and race instructions. The data is presented on smart interactive displays along the track, which opened to the public early last month.

The track is also linked to an app that can be installed on smartphones and other portable devices. Runners using the app receive instructions, such as suggested running speeds and when to rest or drink water.

The runners on the track also participate in online challenges covering different distances and particular difficulties.

After signing up for the challenges on the app, they choose the time they want to start. Athletes’ results are uploaded online to be compared with others, and participants are awarded medals for their outstanding results.

Zhao Xi, senior vice president of mobile fitness app Keep, co-developer of the smart track, said, “From the very beginning of the track’s design work to the day it opened, our principle has was to give priority to runners. ‘ Needs.

“Using innovative technologies and refining hardware and software services, we’ve given the track a comprehensive upgrade to make it smarter. Riders now enjoy online guidance, real-time tracking for training and interact with smart displays along the track.”

Alongside people in the nation’s major metropolises, those in small towns and rural areas are benefiting from quality fitness equipment thanks to smart technologies.

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