Square Launches Next-Gen “Square Stand” POS System

The new stand looks relatively similar to the old one, with a white square look and a familiar logo.

The two main novelties of the stand are integrated payments both for chip cards and for contactless payments, and a “customer-centric” checkout process which is designed to be simpler and more streamlined than previous processes.

Part of this checkout process is an on-device order summary screen, saving cashiers from a clunky secondary screen. Payment icons on the face of the device will be illuminated, making payments easier at a glance.

The new Square Stand 2022 will cost $149 or $14 per month over 12 months.

Evolve for the future

So why is Square updating its hardware now? According to Alyssa Henry, head of Square, the new version will respond to changes in the shopping industry since the arrival of the Square Stand in 2013.

“The new stand was built with the future of commerce in mind,” Henry said in a statement. “Combining sleek design with powerful software, Square Stand offers sellers of all sizes, from boutiques to multi-location restaurants, a versatile command center for their business. Square Stand offers sellers an integrated way to meet the shopping preferences of today’s consumers.

Many disparate needs and technologies have all been integrated into the new hardware system – from online sales and pickup to deliveries to contactless and smart card readers.

With this hardware upgrade, Square can remain a single solution for modern retailers, rather than a collection of third-party add-ons.

Is Square POS worth it?

Our Tech.co testers rated Square highly as a POS system – the prices are low, but you’ll get all the basic functionality you need with plenty of flexibility.

Like the previous stand, the new stand can manage Square’s software for restaurants, retailers, and appointments, as well as employee management services like time tracking, tip management, and shift scheduling. of work. Additional add-ons such as payroll, inventory, marketing, loyalty, and omnichannel commerce can all be added as needed.

The new stand also drops prices — users previously had to pay $169 for an iPad Square Stand package that included a contactless card reader, but they’ll now pay just $149 for a stand with built-in contactless payment functionality.

You can verify our full Square POS pricing page for more information on transaction fee costs, as well as monthly fees for full restaurant or retail software packages.

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