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Posted on: September 20, 2021

Distressed Hanford workers slam attempt to kill Washington workers’ law

A group of Hanford nuclear reserve workers last week criticized the Justice Department for the government’s third attempt to overturn a Washington state law aimed at helping them. The Supreme Court is the Fed’s latest move to repeal the law. KING

Seafood business owner pleads guilty to visa fraud

An ice cream and seafood company and its owner have pleaded guilty to illegal employment of foreign employees and visa fraud in manipulating the H2-B visa program to increase profits at the expense of employees, the officials said. federal prosecutors last week. News schedules

South Carolina: workers’ commission safe from prosecution by law firm

A law firm that was fired by its client in a workers ‘compensation dispute will not be able to sue the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Board for failing to notify them of a hearing in during which the commission approved the settlement, the South Carolina Court of Appeals ruled. South Carolina Lawyers Weekly [may require registration]

Postal Service Says Vaccination and Testing Requirements Subject to ‘Mandatory’ Union Negotiations

The Postal Service announced Thursday that its management is working closely with union leaders ahead of Fed-OSHA’s temporary emergency COVID-19 vaccination standard (ETS) requiring all employers with 100 or more employees to ensure that their staff are fully vaccinated or test negative at least once a week. Although subject to Fed-OSHA regulations, the USPS does not fall under executive order requiring federal employees to be vaccinated. Federal Information Network

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