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DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, Jan. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Swvl Inc. (“Swvl” or the “Company”), a global provider of transformative technology mass transit solutions, today announced that the Company has reached a milestone in its rapid geographic expansion with a footprint of 115 cities in 18 countries on 4 continents. In doing so, Swvl has significantly exceeded its current business plan and financial projections. The company continues to expand its range of services, which includes B2C, B2B and B2G intercity and intracity transport offerings, as well as transport-as-a-service and software-as-a-service capabilities, which Swvl provides to more than 240 active institutional clients.

Mostafa KandilFounder and CEO of Swvlsaid, “We significantly exceeded our financial and operational projections and will continue to execute on our strategic growth plan. have established a strong foundational presence through Europe and Latin Americabuilding on our leadership position in Africa and South Asia. Our growing scale is indicative of the growing demand for Swvl’s offerings. We look forward to continuing our global transit disruption by providing underserved communities with seamless mobility solutions that span a wide range of use cases. »

Customer testimonials

The Swvl platform offers compelling benefits to daily commuters and corporate customers by providing a seamless transportation experience that is safer, more reliable and convenient than existing public transportation, and far more affordable than private transportation alternatives.

The company’s transformational impact in improving public transport for millions of people around the world is demonstrated by an exceptional driving experience and countless testimonials, a selection of which is provided below:

  • “I was surprised to know that I have done 363 Swvl rides. I prefer Swvl because it offers me two things that cannot be found on other transport platforms. I always feel safe and comfortable, and I don’t have to make many trips to reach my destination. If I fall asleep, the captain wakes me up at my station. The best thing about my daily Swvl trips are the two friends that I did on the bus. My goal by the end of the year is to open my own private business as a hairdresser, and Swvl is giving me the means to get there.” – Sylvia, a daily rider
  • “There are a lot of problems in terms of traffic and congestion that arise in Pakistan, and we received a lot of requests from employees who had trouble getting to the office and getting home. That’s why we wanted to move forward with this service with Swvl. We strive to provide our employees, especially our female staff, with plenty of facilities. We wanted it to be as safe as possible, as secure as possible, and as convenient as possible. While safety was a big issue, we also wanted to keep the environmental factor in mind. Having pool service where women are comfortable and feel safe, as well as something that is environmentally friendly cannot be understated.” – Minza Khalid, Regional Project Manager, Human Resources, Daraz, Alibaba Group
  • “The major traffic problems in Karachi are known to everyone, and it is really difficult to find a means of transport here after working hours. Being in an HR role, I’m always looking for the best solutions for my employees, especially women, because men can easily hop on a bike and travel wherever they want. Swvl solves many problems for us by ensuring that employees can arrive at the office on time and leave on time, and that they return home safely, which is a major concern for us . Swvl is making many healthy changes in the business ecosystem by minimizing environmental risks because when you travel in one car instead of traveling with four different cars, it reduces carbon emissions. So I think it’s a very good thing that Swvl is doing for the environment.” – Tara Tabassum JeanHead of Human Resources and Administration, Hapag-Lloyd

Youssef SalemCFOsaid: “We are humbled by the feedback we regularly receive from our valued passengers and corporate customers. By solving unmet transportation needs in many emerging markets around the world, we work tirelessly to empower countless people to achieve greater social and economic equity. . We also take great satisfaction in serving as a trusted partner to our corporate clients, providing them with customized solutions that meet their specific needs. As a mission-driven company, we are entirely focused on sustainable growth and deep impact in the communities where we operate. The stories we shared today reflect some of the ways Swvl is improving the daily lives of so many people while creating value for shareholders and all stakeholders.

Business Case Studies

Swvl’s optimized routes and fleet composition enable higher utilization and reduce costs, while its real-time tracking capabilities and 24/7 support provide better insight into efficiency while guaranteeing high-quality driving experiences, demonstrated by numerous case studies, a selection of which is provided. below:

  • Global insurance company AXA relies on Swvl to automate daily transport in Egypt, following a history of operational issues with transportation. AXA was looking for Swvl’s expertise and greater reliability through professional drivers, better vehicle quality and strict safety measures. Leveraging the Swvl platform, AXA achieved a 5% cost reduction using 10% fewer vehicles, with 90% customer satisfaction.
  • Telecom company Etisalat Egypt joined the Swvl platform in 2019 to meet the changing transportation needs of employees during COVID-19. Swvl provides Etisalat Egypt with a flexible and reliable system that responds to new workforce dynamics, while providing automated services across the enterprise. Leveraging the Swvl platform, Etisalat Egypt achieved a 20% increase in on-time performance, 95% fleet utilization, 80% reduction in manual activities and improvement from two weeks to one day for invoice reconciliation.

About Swvl

Swvl is a global provider of transformative technology transit solutions, offering intercity, intracity, B2B and B2G transportation. The Company’s platform provides semi-private alternatives to public transportation for people who cannot access or afford private options. Every day, Swvl’s parallel transit systems get people where they want, when they want – making mobility safer, more efficient, accessible and environmentally friendly. Customers can book their rides on an easy-to-use proprietary app with various payment options and 24/7 access to high-quality private buses and vans that operate according to routes, stations, fixed times and prices.

Swvl was co-founded by Mostafa Kandilwho began his career at Rocket Internet, where he launched the Carmudi car sales platform in The Philippines, which became the nation’s largest automotive classifieds company in just six months. He then served as Chief Operating Officer of Rocket Internet. In 2016, Kandil joined Careem, a ride-sharing company and the first unicorn in the world. Middle East. He supported the platform’s expansion into several new markets. Careem is now a subsidiary of Uber, based in dubaiwith operations in 100 cities and 15 countries.

For more information about Swvl, please visit www.swvl.com.

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