The 5 best payroll management tools

Break down the options of the software and the payroll management system

If you don’t yet have a payroll management system in place for your business, it might be time to reconsider. Payroll management systems include a set of processes designed to streamline the day-to-day tasks of your business and assist you in your business revenue strategies.

The goal of a payroll management program is to automate repetitive tasks related to employee compensation so that your HR team can be freed up to focus on more urgent projects.

Let’s take a look at five payroll management tools and the benefits of investing in this type of software for your business.

The benefits of using payroll management tools

There are several ways your business can benefit if you choose to implement a payroll management system, including:

  • Improve the morale of your field technicians and employees. Streamlined payroll operations provide an appropriate and consistent pay structure, which helps build trust between employees and employers. When you pay your staff on time, deduct the correct tax amounts, and offer bonuses and financial incentives, your employees will be happier and more productive.
  • Ensure legal compliance. Each water treatment company must adhere to payroll compliance frameworks based on its region of operation. It’s easy to miss out on certain regulations or requirements when your business manages its payroll processes manually. A good payroll management system will reduce your chances of missing aspects of compliance and help ensure that your business is always operating within the limits of local tax and labor laws.
  • Protect your business data. Many new and small businesses face challenges when it comes to securing their data, as well as that of their employees. An automated payroll system can help you secure and manage large volumes of data. Many modern systems include secure cloud storage facilities for essential documentation.
  • Amplify your time and cost savings. Water treatment companies that use payroll management tools don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to hire full payroll teams to manage salaries and tax deductions. They also don’t have to spend a lot of time on payroll at the end of each month.

A payroll management system can save your business significant amounts of money while making it easier for your HR team in the process.


5 payroll management tools for water treatment companies

Running a business means dealing with many moving parts on a daily basis. Your technicians must travel to different job sites every day, you must manage parts and inventory, and your customers must be invoiced, among dozens of other tasks.

Field service management and payroll software can help. This software organizes and streamlines your operations so that you can focus on providing the best possible level of service to your customers.

Here are five payroll management system and on-site service programs to meet your business needs.


Hourly is a comprehensive payroll management system that helps you run your HVAC business smoothly. The system allows you to manage payroll, bonuses and tax payments from your computer or mobile app while on the go.

The tool keeps track of taxes and does all the math for you. It also syncs your payroll data with your workers’ health insurance, in real time, so premiums are based on actual wages, not guesswork. You can track time and tasks by client, project or location and run payroll in minutes.

Edge of the field

FieldEdge’s cloud-based payroll management system is easy to use and accessible through a mobile app. The system has a number of other tools to improve the efficiency of your technicians and give them the tools they need to send invoices, collect mobile payments, and easily track customer history. Business owners can use FieldEdge to route technicians, assign work orders, send agreements and invoices, and streamline their payroll and tax deduction tasks.

FieldEdge offers a free demo and its mobile app is available for Android and iOS devices. The service even provides in-person training facilities via webinars, online calls, and documentation on their official website.

Merger of services

If you need a very user-friendly payroll management system for your business, this might be the option for you. Service Fusion allows you to list new customers, track your technicians and fleet, schedule appointments, give estimates, generate reports, and manage payroll and taxes from a single unified interface .

You can even use Service Fusion to build your own branded business app for your customers to download. They can use this personalized app to schedule service appointments, send problem reports and images to technicians, and even view their own service histories. Service Fusion’s cloud-based services can be tested via a free demo. Its mobile app is optimized for Android and iOS, and training and support is available through online calls, webinars, and on-site documentation.

Service Titan

ServiceTitan is a turnkey business solution that effortlessly manages billing, reservation, marketing, sales, dispatch, and payroll. This system uses a mobile app to allow business owners to track their technicians in the field and manage payroll, inventory, and other important payments.

The cloud-based service offers a free demo and an app that is compatible with all Android and iOS devices. He also enjoys full support during PST business hours and offers in-person and online call-in training for new users.


Home Visit Pro

This program is specially designed for business owners who want to automate and streamline their operations. It makes it easy to manage online reservations, process payments, track technicians, collect payments, and payroll, while allowing your customers to book with you 24/7 to maximize your profits.

Housecall Pro offers a 14-day free trial and a range of different price points to suit your business needs. The service offers a mobile app for iOS and Android devices (iOS 9 and Android 5 and later), as well as phone and live chat support.

The bottom line

Once you have a payroll management system in place for your business, you will no longer have to worry about generating and managing payroll documentation, pay stubs, and employee deductions. Your system will automate tax deductions, allowing you to focus on maximizing your team’s efficiency and increasing your bottom line.

Choosing the right system will ensure that your business knows the true costs of each employee and remains compliant with tax obligations. It will also ensure the satisfaction of your employees to maximize your production and profits.

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