The Conversation Continues: Greg Palmer and the Finovate Podcast

Another year begins – and so does the latest series of podcasts hosted by one of fintech’s favorite talkers, Finovate VP Greg Palmer!

In his last discussions on the Finovate Podcast, Palmer spoke about the challenge of inclusivity when it comes to lending in financial services, as well as the obstacles that innovative companies face when trying to turn inspiration into reality and promise into winning products. and marketable products that delight and engage customers. And with the new year just beginning, the Finovate podcast has also taken stock of some of the top fintech trends of 2021 with a view to seeing how they will be resolved here in 2022.

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Kurt Lin, Co-Founder and CEO, Pinwheel

Host Greg Palmer talks with Pinwheel Co-Founder and CEO Kurt Lin about the problem of inaccessibility and invisibility of credit in our financial system and what Pinwheel is doing to innovate lending. Episode 118.

“What we do at Pinwheel is quite simple: we look at all the different revenue streams that are out there – whether it’s payroll systems, gig platforms, or future work platforms like Etsy or eBay – and we’re combining them into one platform and making it really easy for anyone to connect their income account or their payroll account to any application in order to share that data or do things like update update direct deposits.

Steven Ramirez, CEO, Beyond the Arc

Host Greg Palmer sits down with Beyond the Arc CEO Steven Ramirez to discuss 2022 predictions, cryptocurrencies, great fintech apps, the Buy Now Pay Later revolution, and more. Episode 117.

“There is a huge hype and craze for crypto, which of course leads to greater adoption. More and more people are finding crypto on-ramps and some of them are very simple. If you look at Coinbase Where PayPal, they really couldn’t make it easier to acquire your first cryptocurrencies. However, there is a lot behind that initial purchase about how you actually use cryptocurrency and real sticking points that I think are going to be unpleasant surprises for consumers.

Alex Castro, CEO, M Corp

Host Greg Palmer and Alex Castro, CEO of M Corp and author of Measure, Execute, Earn, explore the challenge of navigating the “execution gap” by strategically examining the space between strategy and results. Episode 116.

“Over the past 10 years, we’ve seen a surge of innovation and ideas that can really help industries and businesses grow. Too often these ideas fall by the wayside during the execution process, and this gap between idea or strategy and execution remains the biggest roadblock to bringing these great ideas to market. We have analyzed this problem and have very deliberate methods and products to help close this gap so that more ideas can be more successful.

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