UPS Store® stores in San Diego are gearing up for the busy holiday season. Many of the more than 70 franchise establishments around San Diego are looking to hire customer service associates; Interested job seekers can inquire at their local The UPS Store to confirm whether the franchisee is hiring and, if so, file a resume.

The UPS Store is a strong national brand. However, locations are generally owned and operated locally, so franchise owners hire and train their own staff. To find the UPS Store nearest to you, visit

All employees hired by or working for the franchisee of each The UPS Store® establishment are the employees of that franchisee and that franchisee alone, and are not employees of, or under or under the direct or indirect control of, The UPS Store, Inc., its affiliates, or anyone acting on behalf of The UPS Store, Inc. or its affiliates. The franchisee is solely responsible for all decisions and functions relating to employment and employees in its center, including all decisions relating to hiring, firing, training, salary and schedule requirements, records, supervision and discipline of its employees.

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