VMware: The latest news is one more reason to optimize your VMware Carbon Black implementation

In December 2021, a major HR and payroll service provider was the target of a ransomware attack that interrupted its ability to process payroll and cut off access to personnel management tools. Customers using the company’s private cloud were hit the hardest, and employees experienced pay and benefits disruptions over the holiday season.

While the breached organization has been transparent about the incident and is working diligently to support customers and restore services, the damage done to the company’s position in its industry is significant.

This attack is just the latest example of the reputational and financial damage a cybersecurity breach can cause, and it reminds all organizations to ensure their cybersecurity investments are performing optimally. Cloud-native security, such as VMware Carbon Black, is imperative for achieving resilience and defending against advanced and evolving cyberattacks. But to truly maximize your cybersecurity investment, it’s essential to apply best practices from implementation to maintenance and beyond.

If your organization finds itself delaying regular reviews of its cybersecurity configuration due to lack of time, understaffing, or competing priorities, it may be time to consider external support to ensure the business continuity. The following common scenarios can affect an organization’s ability to successfully implement:

  • Do you have a first implementation and need guidance on which deployment is most beneficial for your organization and technology environment?

  • Have you purchased additional licenses and need help adding new sensors or agents to an existing implementation?

  • Do you want to ensure the overall configuration integrity of your implementation, review policies and protocols, update with new UI features, or upgrade an on-premises server?

  • Do you have new employees and want to ensure full and proper knowledge transfer to minimize downtime and follow best practices?

If any of these scenarios sound familiar to your situation, keep reading to find out how. VMware Professional Services may be the secret to your future cybersecurity success.

Additional Instances Requiring A+ Implementation

Despite your best cybersecurity efforts and vigilance, your organization may still need to manage or remediate a range of scenarios to optimize your cybersecurity implementation.

  1. Security Incident: Once an incident is contained, it is best to strengthen protocols and further secure the environment, moving an organization from a reactive to a proactive state.

  2. Architectural review: Select environments benefit from an in-depth onsite product review and personalized troubleshooting to find the best configuration and installation for your situation.

  3. Implementation Failure: Without implementation assistance, competing priorities or complex environments in an organization can sometimes lead to rushed or incomplete implementations.

VMware Professional Services can help you avoid negative consequences and get the most out of your implementation.

How do VMware Professional Services teams work?

Teams typically consist of, at a minimum, a project manager and a technical services security consultant. For complex environments, an architect can join the team.

The Project Manager oversees the scope, schedule, and budget of the project and is the primary point of contact for project-related concerns or escalations. The Technical Services Security Consultant is the technical lead, providing guidance and best practices on purchased products and ensuring that an organization’s personnel are comfortable servicing products after the project.

The Architect develops the overall product design in large scale and complex environments and works with the Technical Services Security Consultant for the final implementation.

Trained to work in environments of all sizes – from those with hundreds to millions of licenses – VMware Professional Services teams adapt, adapt to your needs and work with you to find your “why” to execute the update. implementation that will best maximize your investment. Services can be remote or on-site and designed to achieve your goals and desired results.

Why Your Implementation Health Matters

Businesses around the world and in all industries are potential targets for ransomware, and threat actors are becoming increasingly daring. The cyber threat landscape continues to escalate as threat actors target organizations in an effort to cause maximum business disruption.

While being vigilant with VMware Carbon Black cybersecurity is a start to achieving excellent security and resiliency, executing the best possible implementation with external support from VMware Professional Services will help your organization establish the protocols and protection best suited to your technological environment. A successful implementation – customized for your organization’s environment – will help you harness the full power of VMware Carbon Black to ensure business continuity and maximize the value of your investment.

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