What the Fire Started: Turning Tragedy into Personal and Professional Success

When life’s challenges are most difficult, inspiration comes from those who have faced the worst and come out on top. Just ask Shay Eskew, sales manager at CirclesX, a man who suffered life-threatening childhood injuries and turned them into an inspiring life as an athlete. David Kemp sat down with Eskew, author of What the Fire Ignited, to learn more about the man who sees challenge as a doorway to opportunity.

Eskew’s main passions are his family, a wife and five children, and Iron Man competitions. These are things he didn’t think possible when tragedy struck at eight o’clock. “My mom had asked me to warn my neighbors about an aggressive yellow jacket wasp nest they had in the ground,” Eskew said. “I recruited my friend; we crossed the street; we knocked on the door. The father wasn’t home, but the fifteen-year-old daughter was. They showed the nest to the girl. She lit a match on the nest and threw a cup of gasoline. Gasoline sprayed over Eskew and flames engulfed him. Life changed in an instant. And without health insurance to cover major medical expenses, Eskew received a lifeline from the Cincinnati Shiners chapter, which stepped in to help.

Eskew suffered burns to more than sixty percent of his body, and doctors told him he would never play competitive sports again after months of treatment and surgery. Gauntlet thrown; challenge accepted. Eskew spent the next decades transforming mentally and physically to become an athlete. “I’ve learned over the years that we all treasure the things we work for, not the things given to us.”

All of the experiences and lessons learned by Eskew, he applies to his professional life working to solve health issues. “I’m a big believer in investing in teams,” Eskew said. “When you have the right team and the right culture, you can go far.” These values ​​led Eskew to his current position as a salesperson at CirclesX. “What we do is review Medicare-paid claims, and using our technology, we can identify third-party payers, i.e. auto payers and worker-payers who should have paid the claim. who, inadvertently or in frustration, was paid by Medicare. ”

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