Worcester has only school buses in the state with high-tech safety features

By Mike Sullivan, WBZ-TV

WORCESTER – A new fleet of high-tech school buses will roll out of the Worcester School District this fall.

The district terminated its contract with Durham School Services and decided to take its bus situation in-house. As a result, the district purchased new buses. They are the only school buses in the state that offer collision mitigation, lane assist and speed control.

The Worcester School District owns the state’s school buses that provide collision mitigation, lane assist, and speed control.

Worcester School District

“If you’re approaching a stop and you don’t brake, it will brake for you,” said Worcester Public Schools assistant principal Michael Freeman, “If you go over the speed limit, it will automatically lower your speed. speed.”

Buses will also have GPS tracking for parents. They will be able to use an app to see exactly where their child’s bus is and when it will arrive.

“It’s called MyStop. It will give parents the ability to track their students and only their students,” Freeman added.

“Now, with this new system, there is no longer any reason for a parent not to be there in time to receive their children”, explains Greisy Jacquez. She has five children in the school district and will be driving one of these new buses. “Following the bus and shopping at the same time is a plus.

The district is still sorely lacking in bus drivers. He has 76 at the moment but needs 101 to run all the routes. As it stands, the district will start the year with limited routes and add more as drivers become available.

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