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One of the many reasons we recommend Zenefits for startups is the simple user interface. Even tech-savvy users should find Zenefits software to be a relatively intuitive and painless experience. Features like unlimited payroll processing, full support for new hire onboarding, detailed time tracking, and overall ease of use allow Zenefits to be used by startups and small businesses.

Zenefits does not currently offer 24/7 phone or live chat support, but it has received many comments encouraging it to offer such customer support. While this can be a downside for businesses with irregular business hours, Zenefits is an easy-to-use platform that shouldn’t require extensive support. If Zenefits chooses to add 24/7 support, it would further improve the customer experience.

Finding and reviewing employee profiles is easy with the Employee Directory. Filters also make it easier to find groups of employees.

Source: Zenefits


Zenefits is feature rich across the board, with HR Outsourcing features that match the many needs of small and new businesses. We believe that Zenefits features are best for small businesses, but Zenefits works with large businesses as well.

HR services Zenefits’ HRO support tools are plentiful and easy to use, as is the payroll platform.
Social advantages Zenefits acts as a facilitator, coach and guide in the purchase or evolution of your benefits offerings.
Payroll and taxes Whether you have a single accountant or a full accounting department, Zenefits’ payroll service is designed to meet your unique payroll and tax situation. Each Zenefits plan includes all of its advanced payroll features.
Risk and compliance Zenefits offers risk mitigation and compliance assurance through onboarding and decaying, time tracking, and overall documentation.
Training and development Through Zenefits’ partnerships, he has created a library of training resources for employees to learn and develop their skills.
Recruitment and integration A big part of Zenefits’ service is its recruiting and onboarding features that make the process easy and completely online.

HR services

Zenefits offers a comprehensive HR platform that helps you take on staff responsibilities so that you can spend more time growing your business. Although improved when its clients have at least internal HR support, Zenefits offers recruiting and onboarding services, tools for policy and manual development, advice on employee training and administration. General HR.

Did you know?Did you know? General HR services encompass everything a small business needs to manage its employees and comply with applicable laws and regulations. Zenefits can manage your entire HR department.

Social advantages

Zenefits simplifies your search for benefits and provides you with cutting-edge technology to administer and manage your business plans. Whether you’re just starting your benefits strategy or looking to streamline your current benefits program, the goal is to make it appealing to employees, which Zenefits can help you do. Zenefits training also helps your employees understand their benefit options and make the choices that are most effective for them.

Payroll and taxes

Zenefits offers a plethora of payroll features, including unlimited pay cycles and calculations for different schedules and pay rates. New hire information syncs immediately with payroll so they can be up and running from day one. With Zenefits, you never have to enter the same information twice; update a worker’s salary or hourly rate once and you’re good to go. These time-saving features are especially essential for busy startup owners.

Running payroll in Zenefits only takes a few steps. You can easily view hours worked and compensation employee by employee.

Source: Zenefits

Risk and compliance

HR compliance is easier when you partner with Zenefits. It collects tax information from your new employees, confirms their eligibility and automatically sends the required notices. During the employee departure process, for example, it sends the mandatory notices and calculates the appropriate COBRA payments. In addition, Zenefits keeps all required documents from employees in a secure place in the cloud, including equal employment opportunity policies, ERISA documents, and W-4 and I-9 forms.

Training and development

Zenefits’ onboarding courses will help you and your employees master the platform. Learn how to operate your dashboard and the different tools it offers with these 101 courses. Zenefits offers useful training and educational materials for administrators, managers and employees.

The courses cover a wide range of HR related areas including (most recently) COVID-19 and the New World of Work, Employee Onboarding, Payroll and Accounting, and various certifications. Zenefits is constantly rolling out new products and improvements to its services, making its training library even more useful for small businesses looking to diversify the skills and knowledge of their employees.

Recruitment and integration

Zenefits understands that recruiting and onboarding services for small businesses should be both comprehensive and straightforward. As part of this partnership, you can create a compensation and benefits package, request background checks, and automatically send letters of offer to new hires for electronic signature. You can integrate full-time employees, contractors and freelancers through Zenefits programs.

Zenefits walks you through the onboarding of new employees, making profile setup as easy as answering a few questions.

Source: Zenefits


Zenefits offers reasonable and transparent prices. It divides its pricing matrix into three main categories: Essentials ($ 10 per month per employee, with a minimum of five employees), Growth ($ 18 per month per employee), and Zen ($ 27 per month per employee). Additional modules are available at an additional cost.

We like two things about the pricing of Zenefits. First, it’s easy to see the costs on its website, rather than having to call the sales team for an estimate. More businesses are expected to follow suit. Second, if you have a small or new business, you can get a year of free pay when you agree to an annual plan with the Growth or Zen plan.

Zenefits also offers a free two-week demo account, allowing you to explore and orient yourself with the service and interface of the software.

Key to take awayTo remember : Zenefits is a low cost HRO service with transparent pricing plans. The company’s straightforward pricing model is refreshing in an often convoluted pricing industry.


Unlike some HRO companies, Zenefits does not offer 24/7 support to answer your setup questions, but this is not a compromise, as the software is relatively easy to set up and operate. use. The Zenefits quickstart implementation process is a self-service method that provides you with a series of configuration tasks. Once these tasks are completed, you will be taken to your company dashboard, where you can access all the features available in your Zenefits package. This onboarding process can take up to two weeks in total.

Zenefits offers customer support for the setup process during standard business hours, typically during scheduled appointments or chats. Most new customers can configure the Zenefits platform entirely on their own, but some find it difficult due to their business’s unique configuration needs. That’s what takes around two weeks – when you need to troubleshoot configuration or migration issues with the Zenefits customer service team.

Customer service

Zenefits has an interesting customer service structure, according to the users we spoke to. When its customer service is really contacted and interacted, its opinions are out of the ordinary; many people enjoy interacting with the Zenefits customer service team. However, it often happens that the customer service team is not reachable or puts customers on hold for long periods of time. Due to its focus on small and medium-sized businesses, it offers individualized HR support as needed, but at an additional cost.

Again, Zenefits has a very intuitive interface, which is why it was able to top the mixed ratings for its customer service. Its user-friendly interface and associated navigation tools make it much easier to perform tasks on the platform. As it reinforces customer service concerns, it will be an unbeatable HRO option, at one of the lowest costs available in the market.


The downsides of Zenefits relate specifically to customer service and its lack of comprehensive tax support, which is a concern of many online customers. To achieve the next level of service, Zenefits will need to consider pro-client attributes such as 24/7 phone and / or web support and improve its related professional services, such as tax support.

Likewise, Zenefits doesn’t offer as much setup support for new customers as many users would like to see. While it’s easy to create new accounts, the overall availability of customer support is lacking and new customers (many of whom are also new businesses) would like to see easier access to the pros at Zenefits. If you’re looking for an HRO partner who offers more implementation assistance, consider TriNet.


We recommend Zenefits as a solid HR outsourcing option for different sizes of businesses, especially startups. It offers competitive HR features that easily align with its payroll and time tracking services.

We recommend Zenefits for:

  • Startups and small businesses looking for an intuitive and fast platform
  • Budget-conscious companies looking for a good deal on HR Outsourcing and want to easily compare prices online
  • Small and new businesses looking to grow their workforce with comprehensive employee recruitment and onboarding tools

We do not recommend Zenefits for:

  • Small businesses that have complex setup needs or irregular schedules and want customer support available at all times
  • Companies looking for in-depth tax support from their HRO department
  • Companies with 500 or more employees, as we believe there are other HROs better suited to their standard HR and payroll needs (like Insperity, our best choice for large companies)

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